Water well

Country India
Village Haryana
Type Well
Partner Haeven’s Famiy
 Cost $1,500
Status Completed

Panipat is located in Haryana state, north India. In this region of India, Christians, about 0.09% of the population, suffer great persecution. Despite this great opposition our ministry partners here are committed to the furthering of the gospel. Our partner, Prince Kutty, is a dedicated man of God. His vision is for the people of north India to hear the gospel and come to know the Lord, Jesus. Though Haryana state is a difficult and risky place to minister, they are committed to the calling and vision the Lord has given them. The timing for this and the other north India well projects continues to be amazing as besides providing sorely needed relief from lack of clean drinking water each of these wells is opening doors to share the gospel and further the Kingdom! 

The well is complete and clean water is now plentiful. As is the case in some other villages, the Hindu temple in this village has a well and in the summer the water dried up. This was the only source for those permitted of the villagers to get water except for the lowest caste who already had to go to the next village for water. Pastor Prince reports, “It was a great blessing to all this village people to have safe water from this bore well… Praise God we could make a bore well in this village… We brought very safe water from the very deep (420 feet deep) and gave to the entire village. Now everyone in this village can access water even they can give to their animals. Praise God it is going to be a great platform for the missionary and the new Christian believers in this village to share their story and witness Jesus to these villagers. They all are excited, especially the Christian believers. Earlier they used to [try to] take the water from the temple well and the temple priest used to publicly shout to them for becoming Christians when they go for taking water. Now they are so happy that he, that priest, is going to come and take water from this well as there is no other option! Thank you.

“I sold all my animal some months before as we did not have any water to look after them. But I am so thankful to you for providing us water in our village.” (Rejethi, villager)

“My husband is under drugs and alcohol. He used to beat me up if there is no water sufficient in the house when he comes…But now I am so happy for this bore well and it is near my house. I can take any amount of water from this well and this water is very pure and sweet.” (Sangeetha, villager)

 This $1,500 project was made possible through the generosity of numerous world changers.