Ngowsani West, Kenya

Water well

VillageNgowsani West
PartnerHeaven’s Family

Ngowsani West is an arid, remote and impoverished village located in Maasi Mara, Kenya. The indigenous Maasai tribe here are famous for sticking to their tribal traditions and animist religion, but the spreading of the gospel is making a major impact in this place through a hard-working ministry partner,  who was called to plant a church here 4 years ago. The ministry has sometimes battled against great opposition from some angry tribesmen, who resist any outside influence, including the Good News about God’s kingdom, but the Lord has caused the ministry to flourish as they steadfastly continue the work while trusting in the Lord.

Obtaining water has been a major key to moving the ministry forward since starting the mission, and now a deep well has been drilled, a large water storage tank has been built, and a solar pump completed. The pump’s solar cells convert the abundant rays of the sun into energy that pumps abundant, clean water from the well into the storage tank to satisfy the thirst of people, livestock and crops.

The blessing of plentiful water in the middle of this arid place makes the nearby church an oasis where thirsty seekers can find spiritual refreshment as well!

The completion of this well is already bearing amazing results. Besides providing a sorely needed resource to the vast surrounding community that lacked clean drinking water, the gift and miracle of clean water in this place is giving so much more! In addition to satisfying the thirsty, the people now can partake in a new luxury—regular bathing! But most importantly, this well is creating goodwill and softening hard, gospel-resistant hearts.

 This $11,260 project was made possible through the generosity of numerous world changers.