Nhyirenease, GHANA






Nhyirenease is a beautiful village where the people mainly depend on farming. The village has no access to clean, potable drinking water.

Their only source of drinking water is a man-made “dugout“ created by the villagers to collect rain and flood waters. It often collects dirt and other contaminants from the surface runoff water, including weedicide from used agrochemical containers, making the water unsafe for drinking. This dugout easily dries up during the dry season and is only accessible during the rainy season.

In the dry season, villagers must travel over 2 miles to Onuku and Obooho where they are forced to purchase water from a borehole. Extreme poverty makes this a very difficult alternative.

The village needs clean water for their survival. Clean water is desperately needed to reduce the morbidity and mortality of potentially severe waterborne diseases, including bilharzia, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and other diarrheal illnesses.


Hope for Ghana several months ago had met with the Chief of Nhyirenease and the entire village to understand Nhyirenease’s circumstances and their dire need for clean water.

Hope for Ghana, with our water engineer with whom we have worked for several years, hopes to drill a water borehole in Nhyirenease. Our water surveyor has confirmed the optimal point for drilling.

Our water engineer and our team on the ground will be constantly monitoring the effectiveness and proper use of the borehole. A water committee within the community will be formed to ensure the safety and proper usage of this gift. Our engineer will provide periodic maintenance for the borehole, ensuring the longevity of this project, with all major maintenance costs coming to Hope for Ghana.


Steve Greene, MD, Hope for Ghana’s President, is on the ground in Ghana for four to five months per year, managing and evaluating all projects. Senyo Gbormittah, Hope for Ghana’s Vice President of Operations, is on the ground throughout the year, constantly monitoring all projects.

All donations to Hope for Ghana are deposited into First National Bank in Pittsburgh. Funds are then transferred to Ghana Commercial Bank in Ghana, where Steve is the sole signatory, and Steve alone delegates the funds needed for materials and workmanship. For all transactions related to a project, receipts are obtained and transparently available to donors. No funds are used for the personal use of our team or administrative overhead.


Project Details: Provide a borehole well with hand pump, and hygiene training.

Total Project Cost: $5,000

– Materials:      $4,500 for borehole
– Labor:            $   500

Total Funding Requested: $5,000

Expected Start Date:    June 2024
Expected Completion: August 2024


The water committee in many communities makes the decision to collect a small amount of money for each bucket of water. This money goes towards maintenance and repairs, while allowing a community to take ownership of the project. At the same time, Hope for Ghana sets aside funds for future maintenance and repairs, knowing that there will be costs beyond the financial capability of the village.



While Hope for Ghana is not a faith-based charity, our work shows the people of Ghana the face of God. Our gifts are given unconditionally and with immense love, expressing the true love of God. We enjoy handing out Bibles to community churches.

Our partners will have a beautiful plaque placed at the project site with their name, and if they choose, they can add an inspirational verse from the bible.

Hope for Ghana’s projects are accessible to people of all faiths.


Water is life! The gift of clean water is truly the gift of life. Our project will allow hundreds of people to drink clean, potable water instead of contaminated water from a dugout. The morbidity and mortality of waterborne diseases will significantly be reduced.

80% of all diseases in Ghana are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. With clean water, the overall health of the community will be greatly improved, as diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery are greatly reduced.

Healthy children are able to attend school, and their performance is so much better in school while healthy. Healthy men and women are more productive at home and at work, and better able to care for their families.

The impact of Hope for Ghana’s water project in Nhyirenease will be felt today, and for generations to come.

All projects are made possible by World Changers.