FUNDED MAY 8, 2024


El Laredo is located in the Chinandega province of Nicaragua. The people there raise cattle and grow and process a fruit called Jícaro. 

The community had a borehole that was installed (not by Living Water) after Hurricane Mitch in 1998. At that time, the community was smaller, but once people knew there was a clean water source in an area, more families moved to that community. The original borehole no longer provides a sufficient yield or can accommodate the growing community, so they are planning to drill a new borehole in another part of the community. In the meantime, families are having to resort to rivers and streams that are not safe, affecting their health and livelihoods. Waterborne illnesses have increased dramatically as the availability to collect clean water is so difficult, due to the low yield the current well supplies, and the long lines [one must stand in] to be one of the lucky ones to collect water that day. 


Living Water International’s journey in Nicaragua began in 2004, focusing on providing communities with safe water. We employ various methods, including borehole drilling, rehabilitation of water points, and constructing and improving water systems. Our efforts primarily benefit communities in Masaya, Granada, Rivas, León, and Chinandega. In 2015, we initiated the country’s first WASH Program Area (WPA) in Tola, Rivas, followed by another in Somotillo, Chinandega in 2021.

Living Water Nicaragua boasts extensive experience in the WASH sector and a dedicated team who view their work as a mission rather than a job. We’ve also established a unique stainless steel piping system for hand pumps, ensuring water quality and operational efficiency. Beyond infrastructure, we empower communities to take charge of their water points through operation and maintenance programs, aligned with Nicaraguan regulations. We emphasize collaboration with local authorities, churches, and partners for holistic community development.


This project will ensure unfettered access to safe water for generations to come. They will no longer have to return to rivers and streams to collect water for themselves, their animals, or their fruit-growing businesses. The new borehole will provide hope and health for the community and help them thrive.


Project Details: Provide a borehole well with a hand pump and hygiene training.

Total Project Cost: $15,000 for the 5-year program

– Materials:            $      4,500
Labor:                   $         500
Administrative:  n/a – covered by general donations
Other:                   $  10,000 (provided by others)

Future Maintenance:  Paid for by other donations over the first two years and by the community through usage fees collected by the community moving forward.

Other Costs: Includes administration, community engagement, sustainability training, health and sanitation education, church engagement and spiritual outreach, ongoing monitoring and evaluation over an average of five years.

Other Funding Sources:  General donations and grants

Expected Start Date:      June 1, 2024
Expected Completion:   June 15, 2024


The community’s water committee will collect a water user fee (conceptionally similar to something like $.50 a month) from the community for any repairs or maintenance after the completion of the project. This “cash box” system allows for funding to be in place when an issue does occur in the future. The water committee will establish who can be excused from the monthly minimal fee, such as the elderly.


This project is part of a comprehensive Flourish program to engage church leaders and community members in the water project and experience first-hand the love of Christ. All will be welcome to drink from the well. Details about the Flourish program are available at https://water.cc/flourish/.

All projects are made possible by World Changers.