Wugladza, Ghana





Funded June 13, 2024

The Key Club at Pine-Richland School District, realizing that millions of people die every year from lack of access to clean water (a silent ongoing epidemic), planned a Walk for Water educational and fundraising event which was held on May 20, 2024.  Rich-Mar Rotary Club worked alongside the Pine-Richland Key Club to orchestrate the event and pulled in two Pittsburgh non-profits, Ingomar Living Waters and Hope for Ghana, to identify a village in dire need of clean water which could benefit from the proceeds from the Walk for Water event.

The situation in Wugladza, Ghana is dire.  They source their water from a local pond that is polluted by dirty runoff as well as livestock feces.  This causes skin rashes for those who use the water for bathing.  It causes diarrhea and serious waterborne diseases for those who drink it.  They are in desperate need of clean water.  Hope for Ghana has determined that a local driller can drill a borehole and install an electric submersible pump along with a storage tank to provide clean water from a deep water table.  Costs of the project will be $5,000.

We’re happy to announce that so many people were generous and we have reached our fundraising goal as of June 13, 2024!  The students at Pine-Richland were amazingly generous.  The teachers and administration at Pine-Richland were generous as well.  Kiwanis Club of Pittsburgh contributed.  And Rich-Mar Rotary Club closed the gap to complete the $5,000 funding needed to bring clean water to the people of Wugladza in Ghana.

So now the project is underway!  Stay tuned for the results as a borehole well with submersible electric pump and storage tank are installed to provide clean water Wugladza…

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