Mpemba Village, Malawi is an impoverished village located in the central part of Thyolo District, Malawi. This village began to practice Farming God’s Way in 2020. Farming God’s Way (FGW) is an effective no-till farming method which incorporates discipleship groups called God’s Love Groups (GLGs.) These are effective discipleship meetings that bring the people closer to the Lord with Bible teachings and applying them, teaching them to better work together, help one another and help others. The people have really embraced FGW. Currently 43 families are practicing to a high standard and many others are learning & following the example.


The people have a major problem. They do not have access to clean water. They collect drinking water from a local seasonal river. In the rain season the river runs every day, but during the dry season the water dries up. When this happens they travel far for water. It is the women and children who go for water.

During wet season to reach the river it is 2+ km. During dry season when the river dries up they walk 1- 2 hours, 4-5 km to find water.

The river source is open, contaminated and passes through animal grazing bushes, which causes the area to be stinky, as there are many droppings. The children suffer most from sickness caused by drinking the water. Also, they often miss school because they are responsible to fetch water for their families.

There is no drilled well in the village area, no access to clean drinking water.

The only school is 7-10 km distance away and fetching water, then walking to school, is very tiring and difficult to do, so children often miss school. There is no local medical clinic. The people are poor and medicine costs money, of which they have very little.

The village leaders reported that many people have lost their lives due to water-related sickness over the years and decades. Recently, a 17 year old boy and a 12 year old girl tragically died ill with cholera. These two deaths occurred just in December. Many were victimized by the illness, but they both lost their lives.

The major diseases here that are causing illness and sometimes death include cholera, bilharzia (schistosomiasis), and dysentery.

Cholera is always a major health concern in Malawi and they just experienced one of the worst outbreaks of the disease in 2023. (Haiti was #1 and Malawi was #2 in the world.) This disease can be avoided and stopped by providing access to safe, clean water!


Our ministry partner Charles Mithowa is the main director for these well projects and has completed many. These are very reliable partners and we have had excellent success in our relationship with them to date. Heaven’s Family sister ministry, Farming God’s Way, has been working with Charles for some years now. The farming program is changing lives of poor farmers by helping them raise more food and teaching discipleship. The government of Malawi has recognized the success of our Farming God’s Way program with these partners. We do not do projects unless we have formed an ongoing partnership with a good track record of accountability with any ministry partner who is involved in any Safe Water Ministry project. We require ‘before’ marker photos where the well will be drilled. We collect pertinent details that describe the need and collect completion photos, reports and testimonies. The driller will be the same as long as they keep doing good work. They have been very accommodating.


God’s Love Groups, discipleship groups in place for our Farming God’s Way ministry, will direct some of the management, in partnership with the village. The beneficiaries will contribute a small amount to pay for maintenance. Both the God’s Love Group teams and community authorities shall manage the property for permanent use for the community.


Your generous donation of $3,500 will bring a deep borehole well and a hand pump to this village.  All of your funds will be used for materials and labor.  It is expected that the project will be started in April completed in May 2024.


Providing clean water will change their lives as they will have a clean water source that is in their village vs. such a far distance away. They will have water to bathe with and cook with. The kids will be able to go to school instead of spending long hours fetching water. Their health will improve. The physical pain will be lessened for many of the women. They will have water year-round and will not have to worry about dry season. It will show the love of God for them.


FGW is the physical ministry of growing food but there is also the discipleship component, God’s Love Groups of FGW. This has helped the people learn to work together and to follow the Lord more closely. The meetings are regular, the Bible is studied, they pray, and the whole community is built up. The program also increases dignity and purpose; it is self-sustaining and provides them with success, which is another benefit for these very poor people.

All projects are made possible by World Changers.