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Funded November 1, 2023

Although water is abundant in Honduras, the drinking water in this area of Honduras is contaminated with bacteria and parasites.  The mayor’s office confirmed that the underground water supply in the immediate area is among the most contaminated in the municipality.  Consequently, only contaminated water is available without the use of some type of treatment system.  

The Honduras Hope Mission has been working in this area of Honduras since 2006.  In the spring of 2023, we completed the construction of Hope Center, which is used for educational and social programming for families in the community.  There is a security/maintenance person who resides on-site.  Other staff reside in La Villa community and in Tegucigalpa, and our general contractor resides in La Villa.  The building was designed with a rooftop rainwater collection system.  Analysis has been completed on annual rainfall in the community, indicating the need for two 18,000-gallon storage [tanks] for collection.  The system was designed to allow for the same amount of water to be taken out of it per day every day, no matter the time of the year.  This water will serve the families who use the Hope Center while on site.  Excess water beyond the on-site consumption will be distributed to the families who are in the program, and those in the immediate neighborhood.  It has yet to be seen what water ratio will be consumed on-site versus taken home in recycled containers by families in need.

Funds for the project will be received by the HHM treasurer, and wired directly to the Honduras Hope Mission Bank account in Honduras. HHM is a registered NGO in Honduras, with legal counsel and accountants in Honduras as well.  HHM will conduct its standard OFAC checks before approving any payment requests to Honduran individuals or entities.  Then, our staff person/legal representative in Honduras, Gunther Gallo, will authorize the disbursement of funds to the vendors and the contractor performing the work.  Receipts will be sent back to the treasurer in the U.S. and provided to Ingomar Living Waters.

Gunther with the new families


The system is designed to run out of water at the end of the dry season (in April.)  This is intentional, as the system must be emptied once per year to inspect and clean the tanks.

The system involves ongoing chlorine dosing, requiring ongoing sodium hypochlorite to clean the water.  Our on-site maintenance person will administer this locally sourced item.

The material cost is approximately $193 per month. This ongoing cost will be provided for by the Honduras Hope Mission and is included in the annual budget.  Any repairs will also be borne by the Honduras Hope Mission, via our annual budget.



Serving a Meal

This project will not only provide for the clean water needs of the people using the center while on site;  it will also provide clean water to families in need throughout the year, reducing their exposure to gastrointestinal ailments, and the resulting loss of school days and work days.

The families who are using the Hope Center are provided with Christian education weekly.  Providing clean water to those in need is in conformance with our mission’s goal of sharing God’s love in tangible ways with the Honduran people.  Note though, that programming is open to all, regardless of their faith or lack thereof, and no one is ever turned away.


Total project cost: $35,500.00

Cost break out:

Materials:          $23,400.00
Labor:                   $3,000.00
Administrative: $1,000.00 for on-site architect (Studio 23)
Other Costs:       $6,000.00 for concrete tank pads, electrical and pipework for wiring
                                                   of recirculation transfer pump, and in-line micro filter
Shipping:             $2,100.00

Future maintenance:     $200.00 per month

Other funding sources available for this project (escrowed monies, etc.):

AqwaLife, aka Prem Sharma Memorial Foundation: $11,500.00
(Note: This is the 501(c)3 organization that designed the system for HHM.  It is a non-profit  organization dedicated
to providing and facilitating access to safe drinking water in underprivileged areas, to prevent water-borne diseases.)

Amount of funding requested: $10,500.00


Funding required by:                              December 1, 2023
Estimated project start date
:               December 1, 2023
Estimated project completion date:   August 1, 2024

Picture of the kitchen to the left and the main building with the classrooms, computer room, etc.
Water collection tanks will be placed on the right of the main building.  At least that is the current plan.

This project was made possible by  WORLD CHANGERS!