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Funded November 1, 2023

(NOTE:  Pictures featured in this funding update section of this web page are from prior year trips, not the February 2024 trip.)

Although water is usually abundant in Honduras, the drinking water in this area of Honduras is contaminated with bacteria and parasites.  Even the public water system in La Villa de San Francisco is contaminated.  Bottled water is available, but it is prohibitively expensive for the poor.  That is why water filters are needed.  Water is pumped into pilas close to most homes, but is unsafe to drink. 

Only contaminated water is available, and as a result, stomach and intestinal illnesses are endemic throughout this area of the country.  Adults and children miss an inordinate amount of work and school as a result.  In this part of Honduras missing work is quite costly, because the laborers in sugar cane and watermelon fields are only paid when they work. The harvest season lasts only a few months per crop, and there is no government safety net.  If workers miss too much work they may be immediately dismissed from their jobs.

Once each year the Honduras Hope Mission medical team provides free medical care to the residents of La Villa de San Francisco and surrounding villages.  As part of these medical clinics, HHM distributes portable water filters to families who come to the clinic – one per family.  These filters provide clean, safe drinking water for two years.  With the help of the Ingomar Living Waters ministry, over the past 12 years, HHM has distributed 5,467 water filters.  The impact of these filters on the community has been dramatic.  Health workers, pastors, and teachers in various communities have noticed a significant improvement in the health of both adults and children.  Gastro-intestinal illnesses have declined significantly (up to 90 percent.)  Adults are missing less work, and children less school.  Families have learned to take bottled water from their homes to work and school. Schools and churches in the area visited by HHM medical teams are also provided with water filters.

Cleaning and repairing the filters is the responsibility of the individual families.  At the time of distribution, we instruct the families on how to clean and maintain the filters, so as to prolong their effectiveness.  Replacement parts, if needed, are available from a local individual who resides in La Villa, and who is supplied with parts by the manufacturer, Aqua de Barro.

Instructions are also attached to each filter, stating how to care for them, and whom to contact if the filter is damaged.  There is no repair cost incurred by HHM.  Because the lifespan of the filters is two years, they need to be replaced on that schedule.

We estimate that each filter will be used by a family of four to five persons, thus we project that clean water will be provided to 2,000 to 2,500 people [annually].  These tend to be the poorest families in the community (those who cannot afford to purchase bottled water.)  As mentioned previously, we have testimonials that these filters dramatically reduce gastro-
intestinal illnesses that plague this area of Honduras.

The churches that host the clinics are provided an opportunity to share the love of Christ with their communities in a very tangible way, and also to share the gospel verbally with those who come to the clinics. Children who come to the clinics are given children’s Bible storybooks, and adults who are witnessed to by volunteers are given Bibles.


500 water filters have been ordered, and are scheduled for delivery on February 3, 2024.
They will be assembled, and distributed while the Honduras Hope Medical Mission Team is in La Villa February 3-11, 2024.
Following are some photos of the manufacturing of the filters.

This worker is sifting and mixing the clay with sawdust.

This man puts the raw clay and sawdust into the mixer.

Now he is operating the mixer.

The worker is using the press to stamp out the clay filters.

Now he is removing the molded filter from the press.

This is the mold for pressing the
mixed clay into the shape of the filter.

Pressed filters ready for firing

Kiln being fired

Filters drying in the sun after flow test (takes 1-2 weeks) 

Manny mixing colloidal silver

 Manny treating filters
with colloidal silver

He packs completed filters
into boxes. 

 Finished filters, ready for delivery

Obviously this process is repeated many times in order to put together our order of 500 filters.
Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what is taking place now in preparation for the team’s arrival on February 3rd.


The water filters were delivered to the Honduras Hope Center in La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras on February 1, 2024.  The twenty-member 2024 Honduras Hope Mission team arrived in La Villa de San Francisco on Saturday, February 3, 2024.  The Mission Team assembled the water filters on the morning of Sunday, February 4th, and then hosted medical clinics in La Villa de San Francisco and the surrounding rural communities of Suyapa, Suyate, Guanacaste, Miravalle, and El Bufalo from February 4-9, 2024, during which they distributed 550 water filters to family groups which came to the clinics.

During the week, the team leader recognized that there were going to be insufficient filters for distribution at the final clinic on Friday, February 9th, so an additional 50 filters were ordered and delivered.  The cost of each filter increased since the time of our original estimate from $25 per filter to $25.50 per filter. These two factors together resulted in an increase in cost for the project from $12,500 to $14,025.  This $1,525 was paid for from funds donated to the Honduras Hope Mission in support of the 2024 Mission Trip.

Water filters ready for distribution at a medical clinic

Dave, a team member, explains how to care for the filter

Joyful recipients of the water filters

Bibles were also distributed to each family group along with the filters, so that recipients heard about Jesus, the “Living Water” at the same time that they were given the opportunity to enjoy clean, safe drinking water.

The team met with our Hope Families and did other mission tasks on Saturday, February 10, and the team members all returned to the U.S. on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Water filter recipients with their Bibles

Thank you Ingomar Living Waters!

This project was made possible by  WORLD CHANGERS!