Dzuwa Village is located in the northern part of Thyolo District, Malawi. The village is surrounded by more villages that are not yet reached with the gospel. Outreach to Dzuwa Village began in 2021 with Farming God’s Way, an effective no-till farming method that incorporates discipleship groups. Since then, FGW along with the GLGs (God’s Love Groups) discipleship groups have multiplied to establish 19 demonstration farms, and now 160 families have implemented FGW in their gardens.


The growth of FGW is great news, but Dzuwa Village is still suffering greatly. They have no access to clean water. And at times of the year during dry season, water becomes more scarce and they must go farther for it.

The people use shallow hand-dug wells along a surface stream, digging in the places where the most moisture is showing. They dig into the ground, making a big pit expanding the stream and wait as water is taken they need to wait for more to replenish. The people travel 5-8 km to get to the water sources. The lengthy time needed to fetch water creates problems for the children and they miss school
or are very late to school. Kids who fail to arrive too late are not allowed to attend classes. The water is open and shared with animals.

The major diseases here that are causing illness and claiming lives include bilharzia (schistosomiasis,) dysentery, cholera, and skin diseases.  Currently, Malawi is experiencing a serious and deadly cholera outbreak in the nation, one of the worst in its history. As of August, [there are] approximately 59,000 reported cases and 1770 deaths. The Republic of Malawi Ministry of Health provides a daily update for reported cholera cases and as of August a 3% death rate of reported cases. But this disease can be avoided and stopped by providing access to safe, clean water.


Our ministry partner, Charles Mithowa, is the main director for these well projects, and has completed many. These are very reliable partners and we have had excellent success in our relationship with them to date. Heaven’s Family sister ministry, Farming God’s Way, has been working with Charles for some years now. The farming program is changing the lives of poor farmers, by helping them to raise more food and by teaching discipleship. The government of Malawi has recognized the success of our Farming God’s Way program with these partners.

We require ‘before’ marker photos of where the well will be drilled. We collect pertinent details that describe the need and collect completion photos, reports and testimonies. The driller will be the same as long as they keep doing good work. They have been very accommodating.


‘God’s Love Groups’, discipleship groups in place for our Farming God’s Way ministry, will direct some of the management, in partnership with the village. The beneficiaries will contribute a small amount to pay for maintenance. Both the GLG teams and community authorities shall manage the property for permanent use by the community.


Your generous donation of $3,500 will bring a deep borehole well and a hand pump to this village.  All of your funds will be used for materials and labor.  It is expected that the project will be completed in September/October, 2023.


Providing clean water will provide many benefits and save lives. The people will have clean water to drink, water to bathe with and cook with. The kids will have better health and can go to school regularly as they will not have to spend so much time to fetch water. The people would see even more strongly how the Lord does care for them through such a transformative gift. The FGW presence will be strengthened and more people will become involved in meaningful disciple-making groups.


FGW is the physical ministry of growing food, there is also the discipleship component, GLGs (God’s Love Groups) of FGW. This has helped the people to learn to work together and to follow the Lord more closely. The meetings are regular, the Bible is studied, they pray, and the whole community is built up. The program also increases dignity and purpose, and provides them with success, which is another benefit for these very poor people.


The well [at Dzuwa Village] is complete and the people in the community of Dzuwa are thanking God. You have changed their lives!

Testimony of lady representing Dzuwa village:

I come from this area. I am one of the members of FGW [Farming God’s Way] in this area. We were in great trouble for clean water. And now we are very thankful… for this borehole and Bishop Mithowa, because of the troubles we were going thru and by the grace of God we have water. We were in trouble because of using unclean waters, bad waters. In this area people were suffering from many water-related diseases; cholera malaria, and dysentery. But because of the coming of this borehole, now these diseases are history. And if one is sick in this area then it is the problem of uncleanness at his home. We are very thankful because of and extend what you have done to us may you please do to others. And in this area where we are today we were very complicated because of using the water from the rivers, streams, and dams. And even in our marriages there was trouble between woman and husband. Now, our families will be stronger and will be restored on this point we would like to thank you very much. Thank you Bishop Mithowa. May you please do the same to others. If someone happens to lose their family, it’s not now because of water, but other problems. We weren’t able to even wash our clothes. Before 1 or 2 weeks, now we can wash every day. Even if you don’t have soap we can wash with water we are thankful for that. Because of the coming of this
water we know we will have food this year. And our system of FGW it will go and prosper because of this water. May the Lord who knows how to bless, bless our friends also. And bless more than that Bishop Mithowa. May God be glorified. Amen.

Esero Kakake

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