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In these areas, families lacking access to safe water consume water from rivers or open wells—the same places where people bathe and wash clothes, and animals defecate—leading to diseases.  Additionally, access to hygiene is very low due to lack of clean water and soap, resulting in poor hygiene practices in households and schools.  Culturally, women, and children are the most affected in communities when there is no safe water system, because they are responsible for collecting and transporting water from wells and rivers to homes. This exposes them to many dangers and makes it impossible to engage in recreational, educational, and spiritual activities, since they spend many hours each day collecting water.
To address these concerns in Gracias and San Juan Area Programs, World Vision is working in partnership with the local and national government in Honduras as well as local and international nongovernmental organizations to achieve universal service coverage through quality and sustainable programming.

Because of growth, this community needs a clean water source capable of much higher capacity than a hand pump can provide.  Living Water International will install submersible electric pump and a storage tank.  The pump will be powered by a solar array.  In addition, 5 water kiosks will be installed to distribute clean water more efficiently.  Through the completion of 39 piped-water systems, over 34,000 people will gain access to clean water, and 63 schools and 16 healthcare facilities will also gain access to clean water.

As a Christian, faith-based organization, World Vision is uniquely positioned to engage and mobilize local religious leaders from across faiths as agents of change and advocates for WASH programs and behaviors. Faith communities play a key role in promoting sanitation and hygiene behavior change due to the established trust that communities already hold in their faith leaders. In Honduras, we train faith leaders to become WASH champions in their communities by teaching the “Jesus, the Source of Living Water” handbook, which demonstrates healthy WASH behaviors through biblical stories. We provide access to clean water to people regardless of their faith, or if they have a faith at all. 

We (World Vision) partner with 1000 churches in Honduras. It’s the bedrock of how we do our work.  It’s the faith leaders who interface with people in the area.  Faith leaders are often food insecure.  We come alongside churches to do our work.  People know who we are, for sure.  We work in urban and rural context in Honduras.  We work with gang members.  We’re only NGO allowed in urban
areas because of our faith.  Often gang members send kids to our programs so they don’t turn out like they did.  Most people in Central America are Christians.  We have a program called “Biblically empowered worldview program.”  It’s all about how to strengthen identity in Christ.  It’s all integrated in the work.  Faith is carried out in any intervention we do.

completED february 5, 2024


During FY23, the Honduras Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) team made significant progress in improving WASH access, thanks to close coordination with community leaders. Through the completion of four successful water supply systems, 3,483 people can now access clean drinking water at home. Six schools, reaching 545 children, also have improved access to water, which helps create a healthier learning environment for students. With piped water at schools, students can drink clean water and wash their hands with soap throughout the day.

To improve sanitation and hygiene practices in homes, members of WASH committees were trained on how to promote and monitor safe sanitation and hygiene practices. They then visited many homes to conduct monitoring activities. In  addition, 203 sanitation facilities were built at homes. With these sanitation facilities at home, families can now practice the key  WASH behaviors they have learned.

Training workshops were held on topics such as water governance (including administration, operation and maintenance of water systems) and the protection of  micro-watersheds. In the municipality of San Juan, Intibucá, an Integrated Water Resource Management Policy and Municipal Water and Sanitation Plan were developed. Assistance was also provided to the WASH committees for the establishment of fee collection systems for water services, so that the communities are self-sustaining.

The installation of water meters was implemented to have water
systems distribute water equitably. The establishment of a fee collection system to cover operation and maintenance costs of the water systems was also implemented. These fees also help to create activities to protect micro-watersheds.

Ingrid Machado, 28 years old, lives in the community of San Gabriel, in the San Juan area program. She is a single mother and lives with her son Jairo, who is 10 years old. Ingrid and her son will receive access to clean water through a water system that World Vision is currently building.

The community of San Gabriel has never had access to clean water. Ingrid shared: “I am a God-fearing person and that makes me feel strong and brave, recognizing that with the effort in the work I do in the water project, not only will my family and I be benefited, but we can contribute to other elderly people, whose physical strength has been exhausted, they also obtain the benefit of having water in their home.”

“I thank our father God and ask for blessings for all the people who are contributing to our project that we longed for in the community. Our motivation is that for the first time we are going to see a clean water faucet in our home that will improve health conditions, and we will no longer have to carry water from long distances to our homes. The work is not easy, but we recognize that every effort has its reward,” Ingrid concluded.


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gaining access

to clean water
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4 Gravity-fed protected spring water catchment

Faith leaders trained to promote safe WASH practices15
Local businesses active in the repair of WASH facilities & provision of WASH products7
Community WASH committees formed & trained7
Water taps installed in homes, communities,  schools, and
healthcare facilities



This year marked the second year of the Finish the Job effort in Honduras, whereby we are committed to reach everyone, everywhere we work with clean water by 2027. To date since  October 2021, 68,101 people have been reached across Honduras with clean water, achieving 10% of our five-year target. World Vision Honduras continues to collaborate closely with the government, local partners, and donors to provide lasting clean water and improved sanitation and hygiene practices across target communities.

Ingrid’s commitment to completing the water system is inspiring to her community.
She recognizes that when the system is completed she and others will have access to clean water in their homes.

All projects are made possible by World Changers.