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The situation is desperate for this community.  People are collecting water from hand dug wells that are contaminated, or they find a small stream.

Children have large bellies full of parasites;  babies and toddler deaths are more common in this region, due to waterborne illnesses. School children struggle to focus at school, due to dehydration from constant diarrhea.

Poverty is a huge problem, and the feeling of hopelessness is strong.  There is no work available for the men and women, and they can’t grow gardens without access to water.  People have no resistance to illnesses, due to constantly fighting waterborne illnesses.  The clinics in the region are full, and many people do not make it to the clinics.  They are too weak or have no financial means to pay for medication.

Living Water International’s program implementation through WASH Program Areas is unique, in that it aims to bring lasting physical and spiritual development in communities through a multi-year program focused on specific regions, thoughtfully integrating and contextualizing principles of water access, sanitation, hygiene, church mobilization, gospel proclamation, and will provide training and backstopping support during the first 6 years, until the local water committees and community have gather enough fees to build a reserve for funding future maintenance.  Water users will pay small monthly water user fees by household and these funds will be collected and managed by the water user committee for future repairs and maintenance of the system.  The well caregiver will be equipped to do the ongoing general care.

A new well will mean Hope!  Access to safe water in their community will mean life for their future children.  Education will become attainable without being ill and missing school. Adults will be healthier- they will have added strength to work a garden, farm a small area.  When a community feels healthier, they can work towards other improvements in their community.  There will be better sanitation situation so diseases are not spread will happen in the community.  Pride!

All projects are made possible by World Changers.