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The situation is desperate for this community.  People are collecting water from hand dug wells that are contaminated, or they find a small stream.

Children have large bellies full of parasites;  babies and toddler deaths are more common in this region, due to waterborne illnesses. School children struggle to focus at school, due to dehydration from constant diarrhea.

Poverty is a huge problem, and the feeling of hopelessness is strong.  There is no work available for the men and women, and they can’t grow gardens without access to water.  People have no resistance to illnesses, due to constantly fighting waterborne illnesses.  The clinics in the region are full, and many people do not make it to the clinics.  They are too weak or have no financial means to pay for medication.

Living Water International’s program implementation through WASH (Water and Sanitation, Hygiene) Program Areas is unique, in that it aims to bring lasting physical and spiritual development in communities through a multi-year program focused on specific regions.  This approach thoughtfully integrates and contextualizes principles of water access, sanitation, hygiene, church mobilization, and gospel proclamation.  And it will provide training and backstopping support during the first 6 years, until the local water committees and community have gather enough fees to build a reserve for funding future maintenance.  Water users will pay small monthly water user fees by household and these funds will be collected and managed by the water user committee for future repairs and maintenance of the system.  The well caregiver will be equipped to do the ongoing general care.

A new well will mean hope!  Many people in Haiti have little hope these days.  Access to safe water in Village Capois will mean life for their children.  Education will become attainable without being ill and missing school.  Adults will be healthier.  They will have added strength to work a garden or farm a small area.  When a community feels healthier, they can work towards other improvements in their community.  And there will be better sanitation situation so diseases will not be as widespread in the community as they are today.

Thank you for bringing hope to Village Capois in Haiti!


The Village Capois community was at the mercy of an extensive water crisis. The community had a hand-dug well, but the water supply was both inadequate and unsafe for consumption. The water dwindled during the hot summer months, making it difficult to draw water from the well. Moreover, the well was contaminated by bacteria and other pathogens. Residents used buckets and ropes to get the water, but this only introduced more contamination into the water supply.

The lack of water was especially difficult for the students attending the school in Village Capois. The thirsty students had to leave the school in order to find water, and most of the sources they used were far away, resulting in the children missing their lessons.
Additionally, many of the alternate water sources were contaminated by bacteria and other unhealthy pathogens. Water-related illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery were common. The residents couldn’t work or care for their families when they were sick
with waterborne diseases. It was a vicious cycle of poverty, scarcity, and ill health that made it difficult for the residents to imagine a future unmarred by the water crisis.

Charles Amos is a 38-year-old member of the Village Capois community. The lack of safe water was having ripple effects throughout the community.

Charles said, “The children were always in a bad state at the school. To find water, they had to walk for 30 to 40 minutes.”

The Village Capois residents knew they needed a solution to the water crisis they were experiencing.

Living Water drills a new borehole at the school.

The Village Capois community now has safe water in abundance!

PUMP TYPE:hand pump
PROJECT TYPE:new simple water project


MAIN WATER COLLECTORS:women and children


When community leaders heard about Living Water International’s work in their region, they knew they had found the answer to their water crisis. Living Water Haiti responded to the community’s great need by coming to drill a new well at the school in Village Capois!
The Living Water staff also helped the Village Capois community establish sustainability practices to help ensure a future of safe water access. They guided the school administration in the selection of a water committee which will oversee the care and maintenance of the well. Living Water will stay in contact with the water committee to support sustainability efforts and monitor the well’s functionality.
And in order to help the students and other residents understand how to use the safe water you gave them as a means of improving their health, the Living Water staff held a hygiene and sanitation promotion activity. These interactive lessons were designed to help the participants understand how to implement better sanitation and hygiene practices. Now, they are equipped and ready to take charge of their health!

Charles Amos (right) is interviewed by a Living Water staff member.

Community members hear the life-giving message
of the gospel during an evangelistic service.

In addition to providing safe water, your gift allowed the Living Water staff to share the gospel with the Village Capois students, teachers, and other community members. During an evangelistic service, Living Water staff shared Jesus’ words in John 4:13-14, where he speaks of his living water, which alone satisfies our deepest spiritual thirst. The residents then prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to God and for your generosity.

Charles knows that having access to safe water will transform his community.
He exclaimed, “We thank the Lord for this project and his grace to this community!”

He and the rest of the Village Capois community know that safe water changes everything. They can now provide an effective learning environment at their school—one where their students can realize their full potential. The students and other community members are excited about sustaining their new well, modeling good stewardship for generations to come.

Thank you for giving water, for life, in Jesus’ name!

Your Impact

Ingomar Living Water, safe water has changed everything for the students and other members of the Village Capois community. You have ended their water crisis with your gift. The students are no longer distracted by thirst or suffering from water-related illnesses; they can now concentrate fully on their studies. Residents can spend their time on what matters most to them and not worry about running out of water or becoming ill. Sustaining their new well has instilled hope and confidence in the entire community. Through your gift, the Village Capois community has experienced God’s great love, and the new well stands as testament to his care and concern for each and every person.

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