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Nadolo Village, Malawi is a rural village in the southern part of Thyolo District, southern Malawi. The people have been practicing Farming God’s Way here since 2018, an effective no-till farming method which incorporates biblical discipleship to equip the people who practice FGW and learn to grow more crops to feed their families and to sell. The discipleship groups are called God’s Love Groups GLGs). Our ministry partners have been working very faithfully here with the people and small teams of the GLGs. This village, like so many others where they are working, have discovered their most urgent physical need is for access to clean water. 

The current water source is a small seasonal river. The people dig small hand-dug wells on the river banks for water. Often there are many people converging at one time, trying to collect water, which makes it very difficult as the collection process is slow and laborious as water percolates. People can become impatient and bully others. Children miss school, are late to school, and even drop out of school because of this terrible water situation. Sickness from drinking this water is common, dysentery and opening of bowels are common.

 It takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes hours to reach the river, though some travel 2 hours time. There is no clean water source in the surrounding area.

This village is in urgent need of clean water.  The benefits are many. The people will have clean water to drink, water to bathe with and cook with. The kids can go to school instead of spending so much time collecting water. The little money they earn that must be spent on medicine and hospital trips would be saved. Their health would improve immediately. The people would see how the Lord does care for them through such a transformative gift. The FGW presence will be strengthened and more people will become involved in meaningful disciple-making groups.

 Here is the testimony of one of the residents with other residents gathered around: (video)

Video translation – Need for clean water translation:

I am Alice Fanuel from this village of Nadolo. I am one of the members of FGW. We are here to show you where we collect our water. As you can see the well is dug beside the river, and when it rains this water is flooded and we drink together with all the dead things [in it]. Through this water we get opening bowel diseases and dysentery, Almost everyone who uses this water suffers from opening of bowels. Even the doctors agree at our nearest hospitals, why do you often come here? why do you often come with these diseases? And we say it is because we are using very dirty water. And to reach here it is a very long distance from the village. As you can see the line we gather too many people to search for water. Even school children when they get here to collect water they are often late to school because they take time collecting water here. Our aged people are also in problems to get to this water source because its a long journey and they often find problems to reach here. Even our families it don’t go well because our husbands do wait for a long time before we get home. I was born in 1975. Since then I haven’t seen any borehole in the area; we use this water. And, we are before you humbly requesting to help us. If you can help us with one borehole if you help us this way the diseases we tell you about will be history and the children will now have enough time to get water and go to school.


The well is complete and the people in the community of Nadolo are praising God and appreciating you for the great work you have done to help them!  Well depth is 50 meters.

Sending a few more videos in another email.  The kids are too cute! God bless you abundantly for changing their lives in such a meaningful and lasting way!  May the Lord be glorified!

Testimony of lady from Nadolo Village: 
First of all, women of this area want to thank Bishop Mithowa because of this water, because of this borehole. Women of this area, we have been suffering with the problem of water. We have been fetching water from the dams. The [animals] has been drinking the same water, and we are drinking the same water. Sometimes we went to fetch water to drink and you find people bathing at the same time. For that matter we have been facing challenges of diseases from the water hole. Sometimes the dam has no water. Sometimes I been going fetching water at night. We have been rising up our children to fetch water at midnight and they come back at 7 AM. So for the children to go to school it has been a problem. From that time it was a great problem, the children did not attend classes well. Now as water is coming here it is something very delightful. This particular water-borne disease will not attack us again. Our children shall attend classes at school. When I was still a young girl. As people say you are born so clear but you become disabled. Do you see my chin. I fell when I was fetching water there. I was at home for one week and not go to school. Also, my education went down. Now for this time as we have this borehole here, those problem shall never happen again here. We want to thank Bishop Mithowa and also the donors who have donated this borehole. We want to thank the donors, Ingomar Living Water and with Heaven’s Family.

Lady from Nadolo Village

It is our prayer that the donors continue to support and help other people
who are facing the same challenges with water. Thank you so much!  God bless you.

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