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Alasi Village, Malawi is a rural village in the Thyolo District, southern Malawi. The people have been practicing Farming God;s Way, a no-till farming method which used biblical discipleship to equip the people who practice FGW and learn to grow more crops. The discipleship groups are called God’s Love Groups. Here the people are demonstrating God’s love and care to the most needy in the community.

The current sources of water are a surface spring which has been dugout, and also hand-dug wells. The spring overflows in the rainy season, and dries to a small flow in the dry season. Death and sickness from drinking this water is common. Hospital trips to seek medical attention are also common. Digging becomes difficult in the dry season, as the ground really hardens.


It takes between 1 to 2 hours to reach this water source, which is 2-4 hours round trip…not including the time it takes to wait your turn and then the time it takes to fill your container.

In the rainy season, people mostly suffer from cholera and opening bowels, while in dry season most people suffer from dysentery and bilharzia (schistosomiasis). The people are so downtrodden because of the current water situation.

If assisted with a borehole, the community will  benefit tremendously. There is no clean water source in the surrounding area. The people will have clean water to drink. The kids can go to school instead of spending so much time collecting water. The little money they have, that must be spent on medicine and hospital trips, would be saved. Their health would improve immediately. The people would see how the Lord does care for them through such a transformative gift. The FGW presence will be strengthened and more people will become involved in meaningful disciple-making groups.

Here is the testimony of one of the residents with many of the residents gathered around:

Video translation:  My name is Emodesta Makulija. I live in this village where we are gathered today. In this group of FGW we thank you the donors and Bishop Mithowa for your vision. In this FGW we have learned a lot of things because of this reason. There has been famine in this land. There has been several droughts here, but we in FGW we have benefited a lot from this farming. To tell the truth in this FGW we shall continue we shall go ahead doing this farming. And we thank you, too, that you are going to save this village because of the water the borehole you will consider, we are going to be saved in many ways from several diseases. We have been in great problem. To get water is not easy in this village. We shall be so grateful and thankful if you give us a borehole. We are tired of suffering from water-related diseases such as cholera, opening bowels and such diseases. We shall be very happy if we have a borehole. We are seeing many things very bad here. The stream you see here when it is full, we use to come and draw directly that water and go with them at our home. We go and boil them to fear that may be if we use it directly we may suffer many diseases.


The well is complete and the people in the community of Alasi are praising God and appreciating you for the great work you have done to help them!  The well depth is 50 meters.

The women of this area want to thank because of this water provision.  We have been facing problems of water.  We had no good water to drink.  We were finding water from the river.  The water was not good because other people were just using the same river as a toilet.  We were very much suffering.  Now, you have given us this borehole we are very much happy.  We want to thank Bishop Mithowa because even our children have very much suffered.  They were not able to attend classes at school. Most times they [have] been late to school because fetching water from the river, but now our children will never face the same problem, because we have water close to our houses.  We are very much grateful for this provision of water.  May God bless the donors for this water provision.

Woman representing Alasi Village

Translator continues: We would like to appreciate the donors Ingomar Living Waters and Heaven’s Family for providing us with safe water and from today onwards we shall never suffer again from water-borne diseases which we were facing from the time we were fetching water from the river.  May God bless you.  It is our prayer that this shall also continue to help other friends in different areas who are facing the same challenges of water here in Africa. Thank you very much.  God bless you all the donors.

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