Funded August 3, 2022

Nalweyo Secondary School does not have a clean water source nearby. The closest available water source is a pond that is 6 km away. The pond water is contaminated with bacteria and parasites and the children commonly have typhoid and diarrhea. There is another clean water source 5 km away, but that water source is already shared between two schools so students and people from other places must wait their turn for water.

Gathering enough water for the family for the day takes hours and usually falls on the mothers, or the older daughters. And the terrain is dangerous. Often girls don’t get to attend school because they are needed for water gathering. We know that one of the best ways to improve areas like this one is through educational access, and both the frequent illnesses and the necessity of lugging water each day is negatively impacting attendance for both genders. When a child gets typhoid for example, which is common here, they could be out for weeks. Many students never return to school after an illness even if they fully recover.

But there is hope for the students and teachers at Nalweyo Secondary School as well as the surrounding community.  In the picture above, the superintendant talks about the possibility of clean water coming to the school.

The extravagant generosity of a WORLD CHANGER has funded a deep borehole well that will be installed on school property.  It will also be available to the surrounding community.  The generous donor has answered prayers of almost 1,000 people who will soon have clean water.  THANK YOU!

All projects are made possible by World Changers.