FUNDED JULY 27, 2022

Mutabali Village in Malawi has no clean water.  They are drinking from dirty, polluted open hand-dug wells near the local river. There is no drilled deep well in this village. And, currently, the country is experiencing drought. The families that practice FGW are doing better with food because they use a mulch layer called ‘God’s blanket’ which helps replenish the soil each year and also helps to reduce water consumption on their gardens and fields. But, they suffer from lack of clean water and also how difficult it is to get water. They go to fetch water walking each way 1 or 2 hours, 2-5 km, to the reach the water sources. Cholera, dysentery, opening bowels, parasites and more are the water-related diseases which are killing and troubling many people in this area where they do not have access to clean drinking water.

Ironically, Mutabali Village is the home town of our in-country partner contact, Charles.  Charles has been so busy providing clean water elsewhere in Malawi that he’s not yet dealt with the dire water situation in his hometown.  And in Mutabali Village, there is a model Farming God’s Way field which demonstrates to all people in the Mutabali area how to farm efficiently and ecologically using no-till farming.  Charles hopes to not only provide clean water to the people of Mutabali Village but also to provide irrigation water to the model field as well as other growing fields up and down the river.

There are 7,000 people in the Mutabali area.  One or two hand pump wells would not be able to meet their clean water needs.  Therefore, the plan is to implement two “complex” wells, each comprised of:

  • Deep borehole
  • Submersible electric pump
  • Storage tank
  • Elevated tower for storage tank
  • Tap stand with multiple spigots to distribute water

In addition, irrigation requires a lot of water.  And so as to not load the two clean water wells which are intended to provide sufficient clean water for people, the idea is to also buy a diesel water pump for irrigation.  It would be powerful enough to fill irrigation ponds at the edge of fields along the river.  And it’d be portable enough to haul from pond to pond during growing season to ensure adequate water for crops was available.

This is a very large and complex project with two complex wells and a diesel pump for irrigation.  And it would not be possible without an equally large level of extravagant generosity.  A pair of World Changers made a challenge to friends in the Ingomar Living Waters community.  That if they could collectively contribute $20,000 towards projects that would bring clean water to many in need, that it would be matched 1:1, dollar for dollar.  This project is funded by the generosity of that pair of World Changers who offered the matching $20,000 and all of the other World Changers that responded to the challenge.  Thank you!  You have given hope to 7,000 people in desperate need of clean water in Mutabali Village, Malawi.

INTERIM UPDATE November 2, 2022

Drilling at Mutabali borehole #1

Children celebrating at Mutabali borehole #2

To provide enough water for approximately 7,000 people in the Mutabali area in Malawi, it’s an extensive project.  It includes two borehole wells, two submersible electric pumps, and two tanks on towers.  And on top, it also includes the purchase of a diesel-powered portable pump to support irrigation along the river.

We have good news!  The two boreholes have been successfully drilled.  You’ve not witnessed true joy until you see the video above of children celebrating the water strike at the 2nd borehole.  They are ecstatic for the clean water that will change everyones’ lives in the area.  And they’re just having fun getting the first clean water shower in their lives.

Construction of tank stands is underway.  Thanks to the extravagant generosity of a couple who matched other World Changer contributions in order to provide the $20,000 to make all of this possible!  And thank you to the friends and family members who participated in the match!

All projects are made possible by World Changers.