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FUNDED JUNE 15, 2022

Evelo Village, Malawi is located in Thyolo District, in the Southern region of Malawi. They are a poor, rural community. A clean water source would have a huge impact here. Human drinking water would be the primary focus, but it is likely that some of the water would be used for watering animals or gardens. The main water source currently is a small, contaminated river. Historically, this water has caused many deaths and illness. The people just do not know how to deal with the problem. Typhoid, bilharzia (schistosomiasis,) dysentery, and opening of bowels are common diseases. It is difficult for school children to make it to school on time, due to the hours of time and long distances they must walk to reach the water source. Thus many kids do poorly on exams from missing too many classes. The way to the stream is a difficult trek – an hour to two hours to get to the stream. It’s a hardship for both young and old. There is no drilled water well in the area.

There is no drilled well in the area and no access to clean water. Providing a deep well will change the lives of the people. It will greatly improve the health of the people, reducing death, illness and the need for medicine that they can not afford, and trips to the hospital. The kids will be able to attend school and not have to miss classes gathering water. The community will see the love of God in action , through the provision of a deep well.

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