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FUNDED MAY 4, 2022

Mahonga Village, Malawi is a rural village located in Thyolo District, in the Southern region of Malawi. It is one of so many villages in Malawi that are in great need for clean and safe water. The village is underdeveloped – no deep well, no school, and no hospital. It’s a long and difficult journey to travel to the nearest hospital.

The current water sources are open, hand-dug wells. Many people, especially the children, have been suffering and dying of water-related diseases, caused by drinking the polluted water from the hand dug wells and open streams. The water is shared with animals. Common water-related illnesses suffered are cholera, malaria, skin diseases. Mostly women and children are affected. They go 2 km to 4km to get water. Those who live nearest take 1-2 hours to get home after fetching water from this place. The far away families take 3-4 hours round trip from this hand-dug well. The paths are not level, and they go up and down over rough areas.

You can see in the photos how the ladies carry their babies on their backs while they do work. Once the containers are filled, then they must carry the heavy water and the babies or small toddlers, too. There is no school in the village; the school is a far distance away. Most kids do not have time to both fetch water and also go the far distance to school.

 Mahonga Village is a part of Farming God’s Way no till farming method to help the farmers grow more produce with biblical principles and discipleship groups. Our partner reports how the people were in great happiness when they saw him arrive to present to them this wonderful potential blessing of clean water by a drilled deep well. The impact on moms will be huge. No longer will they have to haul their babies to fetch dirty water and carry both the small child and heavy water back to their homes that makes them sick. Instead they will have abundant clean water in their village, and their families will enjoy much greater health. There will be clean water for bathing, cooking, and to water gardens. The kids will no longer have to spend so much time collecting water, and instead, will go to school. Providing a well will be life changing and life saving for them!


The well is complete at Mahonga Village, Malawi! The people are now enjoying clean water! Previously, they drank water from hand-dug seasonal river banks which often made them sick.  They had no other options for water.

But the generosity of the sponsors of this project has changed all that.  Everyone is so thankful and grateful that there will be no more death from waterborne illnesses – that this problem will be under control thanks to providing clean water to the community. Thank you for bringing healing through the provision of a deep well in their community!

I want to thank God very much for the water we are given because before we had so many problems in the community. We are leaving our husbands at 2-3 AM. Going to fetch water at the river banks. We drank that water because there was no good water. Some urinate at the river, some people use the river banks as their toilets, but we still used that water because there was no other source. We have suffered from cholera and other diseases. It was not good. Today, we thank God!


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