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FUNDED MAY 4, 2022

Kokoro Village, South Sudan is in Eastern Equatoria State, Kapoeta East. The ministry in Kokoro was started in February 2019 by our ministry partners. This church has grown and reached out with the gospel to several other villages. The population is approximately 2000 people and the church has grown to almost 400 members here. The people group is the Toposa tribe people. The nearest well is 7 km away. Their current water source are hand-dug wells along the seasonal river bed.

As the dry season continues, the water goes lower and lower to nothing and then they have to dig deeper. It is a difficult process and you don’t get much water to go home with. There is much illness associated with their use of the polluted, dirty open water holes they are currently drinking from and using for bathing and household use. Typhoid, diarrhea and bilharzia (schistosomiasis) are common here. Our ministry partners take medicine as they minister and disciple the believers. Women and girls are the most affected. The water they can carry only lasts a short time. Sometimes because the water is gone, they must go late in the evening and women are even forced to go at night if they have no one to borrow water from.

The animals that can provide fresh milk for the children are unable to thrive in this village to produce milk for protein for small children, so many children are malnourished. When Toposa take animals to far places for grazing, they usualy leave some behind to provide milk for the family but this cannot work when there is no water.

Water is hugely precious to the people. Providing a deep well will change their lives in a huge way. They will no longer have to go far and dig for dirty water and be thirsty because there is not enough water to even stay hydrated. The moms can stay closer to home with their children, their health will improve immediately and they will not have to spend the little money they have on medicine because of the dirty water they are drinking. The animals will benefit, too, and they will be healthier to be able to produce more milk for drinking. And, the people, believer and non-believer alike, will see the love of Jesus by such an amazing action of bringing clean water to them.

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