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FUNDED MAY 4, 2022

Kalok Village is a rural village in East Equatoria State, Kapoeta east, South Sudan. They are Toposa tribe people, and raise live stock. The population is about 1,500 people who will benefit directly. However it is likely that some people from the neighboring village will come for clean water too.

The distance to the village’s current water source is about 2 km away. They dig open hand-dug holes at the dry river bed, to gather polluted water that is shared with animals. When the dry season is very advanced, and that water dries up, they go 4 km to get water in the same fashion. The work to collect water takes a long time. Kids can’t go to school, as they often have to fetch water. The nearest well is 10 km away.

Kalok has suffered for a long time because of waterborne diseases. Typhoid, worms, and diarrhea are common and particularly affect small children the worst. It is a very difficult hardship they suffer from lack of clean water.

Here is a personal story of Nachebe, a mom from Kalok who will benefit from a deep well:

Our ministry partners arrived In Kalok Village and found Nachebe crying. Her husband,  who is not a believer had just beaten her because there was no water at home. Nachabe, a mother of 7, is a very hard working woman. The water she had carried home earlier in the morning had been used up by her brother-in-law.  She was going back to fetch more water for her husband before beginning the 25 km trek to take her sick child, suffering from diarrhea, to the hospital for treatment. She knew she better go get the water first.

Nachebe and her daughter

There is a growing church among the people of Kalok. Providing a deep well would absolutely change their lives. The major difficulties they suffer to get water would be over.  Moms could spend more time with their kids, water related illness would be drastically reduced, long trips to the hospital reduced. Lives would be saved. Kids could go to school. Providing a deep well would show the love of Jesus to the whole village, as this would majorly change their lives. We hope that the kingdom of God will be advanced by providing such an amazing gift to the people.

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