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FUNDED MAY 4, 2022

The water situation is not good for thie Sabasengo community. Families are dependent on collecting water from the dirty dam and from irrigation channels, which continue to expose them to waterborne illnesses such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and parasites, to name a few. Many children are missing school due to illness and have no energy to focus on their schoolwork. Girls are dropping out, as they are the ones who must collect the water.

Often, families spend what little money they have on medications due to waterborne illnesses. Children under 5 are at high risk of death due to these illnesses.


Many families have stories of losing loved ones to share. It’s difficult to hold a job when you are running fevers, have diarrhea or parasites who take more than half of the nutrients from the foods you eat. There are work opportunities now with the new road going through their community, but they cannot stay healthy long enough to stay employed.

Living Water International will provide a deep well and water distribution system, hygiene training, and backstopping support to local water user committees and local government structures. Water users will pay small monthly water user fees by household and these funds will be collected and managed by the water user committee for future repairs and maintenance of the system.

Living Water International coordinates with local churches to help spread the Gospel and develop disciples, in addition to meeting physical needs for clean water in the community.

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