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funded MARCH 28, 2022

Mkundi Village, Malawi located in Southern Malawi is an impoverished village, suffering with no access to clean water in their community. The population is approximately 3810 people.  The need for clean water in this community is very, very great. The current source of water for the village is a seasonal river. The water is shared with animals and is very polluted. People trek to the river to draw water for their homes – it takes 1-2 hours to fetch water, approximately 2km. And, men bring their herds to the water to drink. There are often complaints because of the many animal droppings left in and around the water when men are grazing their animals ahead of them. People draw this water and the families drink it, bathe in it and use it for household purposes.

The flow of the water is unreliable, as sometimes the river dries during dry season. When it is rainy, the water becomes more polluted and the terrain becomes difficult and sloppy. Children are often sent for water through the day and are not spending the whole day in school.

The village reports that 31 people have died because of drinking unclean and unsafe waters from 2019 to 2021, an average of 10 people per year. Many spend the little money they have in the hospital due to sicknesses caused by the dirty drinking water. Common water-related illnesses are cholera, diarrhea, and skin disease.

There is no drilled well in the area. Providing a deep well would change their lives and save lives! The people would have clean and safe drinking water, they would have clean water for bathing and cooking, sickness would greatly be reduced, they would no longer share their drinking water with animals. They would enjoy much better health and save money on medicine, and the time and money to go to the hospital. Kids could focus on going to school instead of spending so much time fetching water. There would be water for their gardens.

Mkundi Village has been part of the Farming God’s Way no till farming program since 2018. The program teaches the people to effectively grow more food to eat and sell. Biblical principals are incorporated and discipleship groups are formed called God’s Love Groups. The results are showing that many families now have enough food for the whole year. The discipleship groups really help to grow the people in their faith and to work with one another. In Mkundi they conduct daily gatherings for prayers, Bible study and FGW trainings.


The well is complete at  Mkundi Village, Malawi!  The people are now enjoying clean water!  Below are photos and 2 videos of the opening of the well in Mkundi.  The testimony describes how you have totally changed their lives by providing clean water.

I thank God because of the water we have received today. This water shall be serving us and [changing] even others’ lives. The people surrounding this area. Mostly because of the diseases that we have [been] going through in this area: cholera, bilharzia, dysentery and more dangerous diseases. We have been affected because of drinking unsafe water. We were using bad waters [when this tap was away…i.e. before we got this well].  We were using bad, bad, very bad places for water…dams, bad places we can’t explain.  If we had a chance, we would go far away where there is the [rough bridges??] there, and we were very struggling to fetch water.  We thank God for this water [you have] given to us. Before this water came, people were laughing at us.  They were thinking that only the government can provide water.  But today, it’s a miracle to be receiving water through our bishop, Charles.  We pledge to you today that this water will be safely used.  We ask God to provide many blessings to you, the donors who sponsored us.
Manni, one of the members of this area

Blessing prayed over the new well!
Charles in a photo with a few cute children. They will no longer have to drink dirty water that makes them sick!
The people gathered around the new well at the opening!
The Mkundi women rejoicing over clean, fresh, accessible water, right in their own village.
Thank you so much!

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