Kapaal Gbini Village, Ghana



people impacted

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funded FEBRUARY 14, 2022

Kapaal Gbini village is located in Kintampo North, Ghana. Most are peasant farmers. The village is rural and undeveloped. The people are Dagombas, Fulanis, and Gonjas.  The current water sources the people
use are polluted ponds, shared with animals and hand-dug water holes. They have more water during wet seasons, but as the dry seasons continue, the ponds dry up and they must go far for water.  The people go 5 km for water. It is the dry season now and the need for clean water is urgent.

Their health is affected by the dirty water in many ways.  Skin diseases, eye problems, hepatitis and cholera are common waterborne illnesses.

Our ministry partners have had an active village church in this village for 1 year. They number 25 believers.  Providing a deep well will solve their urgent need for clean drinking water, and the people will not have
to go up to 5 km and beyond to fetch water.  The health of the people will improve immediately. They will have clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry, and for gardens and livestock.  Their daily suffering for water will be relieved.  The water will be available to the whole community. It will be a witness to show the love of Jesus, and the gift of clean water will contribute greatly in opening the door for the Gospel to go further in this remote area.  It will change their lives and save lives from water-related diseases.

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