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funded july 8, 2021

This village is in a rural area where there is no electricity. Shops, hospitals and schools are found at long distances away. Farming is their main occupation and most people are very poor. Our ministry partners have been working in this area for about 4 years through our two projects FGW (Farming God’s Way)…a no till method of sustainable farming that helps poor farmers grow many
more crops naturally & GLGs (God’s Love Groups)…discipleship groups that are biblical and focus on working together. There is no drilled well in this area. The current water source is surrounded by rocks;  it’s a shallow, naturally-occurring place to collect water. The people do not dig for water, they come here. It’s quite steep to access the place, so when it’s rainy or rain season there is more access to surface water which is easier to get so in the rain season people just depend on flooding waters. Water-related disease increases during rain season. Most kids from this area don’t take school very seriously, because of the problem of taking many hours fetching water. Besides the distance to walk, the water is collected slowly, so much time is spent collecting water. Cholera and dysentery are common water-related diseases here.


The well project in Kadzuwa Village has been successfully completed!

Their previous water source was difficult to access because of the steep slope down to the shallow, rocky place to collect water. Rain season provided surface water for them and water-related disease increased during rain season. Most kids from this area couldn’t take school very seriously because so much time was spent fetching water.

Now, the deep well has been completed and they have access to clean water right at their village. They are experiencing better health, the children can now take school seriously because they don’t have to spend all day fetching water, and being sick. The people are rejoicing and thanking the Lord! Daily the well is full of the people so amazed at this wonderful gift. Thank you!

This project was made possible by  WORLD CHANGERS!