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funded SEPTEMBER 8, 2021

This village is in a remote, rural area where there is no electricity. No shops or hospitals. Farming is their main occupation, many use very poor methods so they haven’t much benefit from their farming. Kids going to school is a challenge because life is so difficult, and it takes so much time to collect water. They can’t go to school and fetch water, too much walking, too much time and it is tiring work. Our ministry partners have been working in this area, and making progress, since 2019. They come with training, two projects FGW (Farming God’s Way)…a no till method of sustainable farming that helps poor farmers grow many more crops naturally & GLGs (God’s Love Groups)…discipleship groups that are biblical and focus on working together.

There is no drilled well in this area. The current water source is a swampy, muddy place. This land is covered with grass and weeds, so when it’s dry season they have to search around for the water beneath. The people dig shallow, hand-dug open wells to reach water, they go deeper when the water doesn’t surface. The surface water they use through rain season causes more sickness as it carries feces, decay, and other filth. Common water-related illnesses are cholera, dysentery, and opening of bowels.

The village is in desperate need of clean water. Once the deep well is drilled, people shall have many benefits. The people will not suffer any longer from the polluted water which is causing death among the people. They will not have to spend long hours collecting water and searching for water. School kids will have enough time to go to school for some education and open time to study. The people will have water for all their household needs – drinking, cooking, bathing. It will change their lives. We hope that providing a deep well will also be an encouragement that the Lord is for them. Part of Farming God’s Way is about healing the land. Providing a deep well will be a part of the healing of the land, a blessing, as the people will no longer suffer from the water-borne illnesses that plague them. 


The well in Mankhala Village, Malawi is complete! The people are enjoying clean water!

Testimony of woman representing the village: We thank God because of the well you have donated to us. We were in great problem because of the need of water. We were traveling a long distance to fetch water. And we and our children have been suffering by many diseases from drinking contaminated water. Today we are so happy because we are drinking clean water. We thank all who have donated to give this well. We pray that God should continue blessing you to help more people like us. We are very happy with our children and families because of this water. Truly, we are blessed now because of this well you have donated to us. We thank you very much! May God bless you!


This project was made possible by A WORLD CHANGER!