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Mchilamwela Village is in a rural area of Malawi where there is no electricity, no shops, and no hospitals. Many kids don’t go to school. It is a predominantly Islamic community.  Farming is their main occupation and most people are very poor. Our ministry partners have been working in this area for about 3 years through our two projects FGW (Farming God’s Way) … a no till method of sustainable farming that helps poor farmers grow many more crops naturally, and GLGs (God’s Love Groups) … discipleship groups that are biblical and focus on working together. Some have turned to Jesus.

There is no drilled well in this area. The current water source is a swampy area. The roots cause the water to have a bad taste and smell. People also get their drinking water from hand-dug wells dug in the same wet area. This water is affected by the roots causing that water to have the same bad taste and smell. In the rainy season, the people will use the flooding water and surface streams. Water-related disease increases during rain season. Most kids from this area don’t take school very seriously, because of the problem of taking many hours fetching water. Besides the distance to walk, the water is collected slowly, so much time is spent collecting water.

Cholera, dysentery, stomach pain and blood in urine infections are common water-related diseases here. People lose their lives from drinking the water. The people cry for clean water.


The well at Mchilamwela Village, Malawi has been drilled successfully!  Glory to the Lord!
Lots of kids watching the work go on! Soon they will have clean water to drink!
Thank you!


The well is complete at Mchilamwela Village, Malawi!  The people are now enjoying clean water!

You have changed the lives of the people! They no longer have to go far distances for water that made them sick. Now, they have clean drinking water and water for bathing, cooking, and laundry. Life-changing for them! 

Besides this, they are learning Farming God’s Way in their village. A no till firming method that gives bigger yields to feed their families. Our ministry partner has planted a demonstration garden near the new well that you have provided. All the people will see it growing when they come for water and be interested to come to learn to grow better yielding crops and be involved with the discipleship groups which are a part of Farming God’s Way. Your gift means so much to the transformation of this village. The people are rejoicing! Thank you so much! 

We are thankful for the coming of this well. So from now on we thank God for giving us this well to supply water to our families. Amen! This time we thank God because He has given us this water and now we can fight the bad diseases we were getting. The diseases we had were so bad, now we will not get sick. Our village is so thankful for this new beginning.

A lady from the village

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