garr-bain, liberia



people impacted

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funded June 3, 2021

The community of Garr-Bain hosts the River View Christian Academy (270 students). The water situation is very poor here. There are a few hand dug wells but all are contaminated causing water borne illnesses like typhoid, dysentery, and cholera. School children often vomit at school due to parasites in their systems. The mothers know the water source is bad but without water, family members die from dehydration. It is a game of chance each time they hand the cup of water to their child. Is today the day my child becomes too ill to recover? Deaths from water borne illnesses are a common place occurrence for this community. The chore to collect water takes time away from their schooling and the water they collect continues to keep these families in the poverty cycle with no hope of it changing.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!