Subuku (phase 2), kenya



people impacted

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funded June 3, 2021

Subuku is a rural village in Kenya with a population of very poor people, mostly they are farmers. Many are believers and the church is active here with active disciple-making and outreach. They work very hard, but are forced to drink very contaminated water from open surface water sources including a river and ponds that fill during rain season and dry-up as dry season goes on. The suffering they face from lack of clean water is so great:

1. Health issues are many. Sickness and death are common issues. People get their water from a contaminated river and pond. The contamination is due to livestock using the same source as the people. Poor sanitation also cause sewage in the water.

2. They walk 7 kilometers to the river and pond.

3. If they want clean water they walk 10 kilometers but usually don’t have money to buy the clean water. The cost is 10 shillings for a jerry can of 20 liters. Then they have to carry it uphill to their homes.

4. To maintain a well, depending on ability to pay, we would ask for only 3-5 shillings a jerry can 20 liters and it would be closer to their homes. They could afford this. Those who can’t afford will be given water at the discretion of leaders.

5. Water borne diseases are frequent issues. Diarrhea, vomitting, Giardia, worms, dysentery, Thyphoid, Cholera, as well as skin rashes, infections due to not cleaning wounds with clean water.

6. Cattle, goats, sheep, chickens also get sick from contaminated water.

7. Farms suffer poor harvest during the dry seasons which are becoming more unpredictable.

8. They don’t have enough money to buy charcoal or wood to boil the water and use what firewood they can gather for cooking.

Thanks to ILW, this situation is now changing. We have successfully drilled a deep well! And we are rejoicing at the purity and strength of the water strike. However, the drilling depth went far beyond the original expected outcome requiring another phase to deliver the water to the people. The water is too deep for a hand-pump. So, the deep well at Subuku is successfully drilled at 250 meters, but is now capped. It now requires an electric pump system & a tower with two 10K liter water storage tanks. There will also be a small pump house constructed which our ministry partners will oversee. To bring this project to completion to deliver water to the people the total needed is $17,500. The electric pump system will cost $10,500 and the tower/tanks system will cost $7,000.

This project is for the electric pump system and tower/tanks. See Project 2021-004 for Phase 1.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!