chiyuni baptist, zambia



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funded June 3, 2021

There is no surface water anywhere near this community. They only have this one hand dug well.

This is a remote community of farmers. They live in a very dry area where no surface water is available so many times families attempt to hand dig their own well. Often walls caving in on them during their attempts or cannot find water. Their current water source from a hand dug well is muddy with floating debris, and contaminated with water borne illnesses such as typhoid, dysentery, skin issues, Helicobacter Pyloriad, vomiting and other diarrheal illnesses. Dehydration is an everyday problem putting the youngest in the community at risk. Death is a common occurrence for families in this community.

Farmers crops struggle to make it due to lack of water. Children miss school due to weekly illnesses. Life is a struggle for this community.

School and church building.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!