hakeem ali goth, pakistan



people impacted

dollars funded

funded June 3, 2021

Hakeem Ali Goth is a very poor rural village where the people work as farm laborers. The village is majority is Hindu tribal group, Parkari, they practice magic. Our ministry partners have been reaching out to this village since 2017 and they have seen changes. There are 140 believers here who worship in house churches. Lack of clean water is an urgent problem. There is no well in the village. The main water source are hand dug water ponds. In summer when there is little rain they have to go 20 km for water, but only come back with a few buckets worth. It is miserable as they have little water and it’s hot outside. Common water-related diseases suffered are stomach illnesses, diarrhea, and skin diseases. Providing a deep well would truly change their lives, they are in great need of a deep water well.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!