allah wasiyou, pakistan



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funded June 3, 2021

Alla Wasiyou is a very poor rural village where the people are generational slaves of the landlords working as laborers to farm the land. The poverty is very heavy in this village, the people all but forgotten. Their diet is meager. The majority of the people are Marwari tribal people and Muslims. The Christian believers are persecuted, but the Lord is moving mightily in this village. They have experienced healings and have had dreams of Jesus, and this has moved the people and adding to their numbers of families. Lack of clean water is an urgent problem. There is no well in the village. The main water source are shallow, open hand-dug wells and muddy water canals. In 2020 13 children died due to stomach disease from drinking the filthy water. People can go 12 km to the landlord’s well for clean water, but it is not guaranteed that they will be allowed to take that water. Some are allowed and some are refused. Mostly, people use the hand-dug wells or canal water. Women suffer most as it is their job to go back and forth for water. Common water-related diseases suffered are stomach illnesses, diarrhea, and skin diseases. Providing a well will meet a very urgent need for clean water. They will have clean water to drink, something they have never had before. Water for cooking, bathing, and other house hold uses. Water for their livestock and growing gardens around their homes. They will save money for medicine and their health will improve greatly. Another prime goal is to share the gospel. Tribal groups in the rural villages are rejected from society. No one cares for them or loves them. When we will go to them to share love of Jesus by drilling a deep water well it will open the door wider for the gospel while providing better heath to children and families. Moms will be close to home to take care of their families. Children will not die as they have in the past from the filthy water.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!