Mubarak goth, pakistan



people impacted

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funded June 3, 2021

Mubarak Goth is a very poor rural village where the people are bond servants (like slaves) of the landlords working as laborers to farm the land. Their tribal background is Kohli and Bheel. 100 are believers and the number of families is growing. Here it is Hindu, and the tribal leaders cut off the Christians from many things and sometimes they threw them out of the village, but as the church has grown the believers are surviving better, thankfully. Lack of clean water is an urgent problem. There is no well in the village. The main water source are small water canals meant for sewage and farm irrigation…there are probably pesticides and other farm run-off in that water, too. People can walk 8-10 km to the landlord for clean water, but it is not guaranteed that they will be allowed to take that water. They are sometimes refused. Usually, it is the women who go for water, life is very difficult in this village. Common water-related diseases suffered are stomach illnesses, diarrhea, and skin diseases. Providing a deep well would truly ease the suffering.

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