dino & duniya goth, pakistan



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funded June 3, 2021

Dino & Duniya Goth is a rural village in Khipro, which is a sub-division of Sanghar District. This is a very poor village, the people are generational farming land slaves (servants of the landlords) working as laborers. 176 are believers. There is a defunct well in the village, in disuse for something like 15 years. The people must travel 7km away for water. Usually, it is the women who go this far distance for water, sometimes they are accosted and sometimes they are harassed by the landlords. When it is raining they dig ditches to fill up with muddy water and use that for drinking and household needs. Life is very difficult in this village. Common water-related diseases suffered are stomach illnesses, diahrea, and skin diseases.

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