Cosmapa, NIcaragua



people impacted

dollars funded

funded June 3, 2021

This community was taken advantage of 20 years ago by the neighboring community. They received a well by the government and the neighboring leadership committee took over the well and piped the water to their community, not allowing them access to the water. This happened because there was never a leadership committee established to oversee the well. The only water source is once again hand dug wells or the river. The hand dug wells are full of worms and beehives. The water is bitter due to tree roots within the well that poison the water. Adults and children both suffer from parasites. Children in particular vomit often and are sleepy making it difficult to focus at school. Others go to the river to collect their water where they also wash their clothes, bath, and use as a toilet. When done, they scoop up their water for the day. All of these activities contaminate the water source but there are no options. They feel hopeless. They must use their little resources for medical expenses.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!