Cosmapa, NIcaragua



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funded June 3, 2021

This community was taken advantage of 20 years ago by the neighboring community. They received a well by the government and the neighboring leadership committee took over the well and piped the water to their community, not allowing them access to the water. This happened because there was never a leadership committee established to oversee the well. The only water source is once again hand dug wells or the river. The hand dug wells are full of worms and beehives. The water is bitter due to tree roots within the well that poison the water. Adults and children both suffer from parasites. Children in particular vomit often and are sleepy making it difficult to focus at school. Others go to the river to collect their water where they also wash their clothes, bath, and use as a toilet. When done, they scoop up their water for the day. All of these activities contaminate the water source but there are no options. They feel hopeless. They must use their little resources for medical expenses.

completed august 4, 2021


For the 105 residents of Cosmapa, water access was a daily cause of suffering and stress. They relied upon a hand-dug well and a local river for all of their needs, but both of these sources were unreliable. The water levels of both the well and
the river dwindled seasonally. The task of collecting water from these sources was laborious and often dangerous when the river swelled. The women in the community, the primary water collectors, spent much of their time and energy
collecting water for their families.

Aside from the water scarcity, the residents also suffered from water-related illnesses. Water from the hand-dug well and the river were rife with contagions and therefore unsafe to consume or come in contact with. Community members often unknowingly introduced contagions to the water through improper storage at home. They often suffered from parasites and stomach  problems, including diarrhea and vomiting.

The water crisis was sapping away the residents’ strength, and they knew they needed help.


A pastor in the community named Eugenio Sosa was familiar with Living Water International’s work drilling safe water wells. He knew that a well project would transform his community and decided to request help. The Living Water Nicaragua staff had compassion on the community’s plight and agreed to come visit. They assessed the situation and decided the residents
were ready to sustain a safe water well responsibly. They were glad to inform the community members that a project could begin soon because of your generous gift, Ingomar Living Waters!

The staff soon returned to begin the project. The team drilled until they reached a safe water aquifer at 61 meters deep. They flushed out the borehole to clear it of sedimentary rock debris. Once the team cased the borehole with PVC, they formed a gravel pack and sanitary seal and mounted a hand pump. The well was complete!


LOCATIONrural community



PUMP TYPEhand pump
PROJECT TYPEnew simple system






Living Water Nicaragua helped the community prepare for a future of sustained safe water access and improved health. They guided the residents in forming a water committee, which will oversee the proper use of the well. The water committee will
also remain in contact with Living Water Nicaragua about the functionality of the pump and collect a small monthly fee per household to cover the cost of possible repairs. Now that the community members were invited into the process
of stewarding their safe water well, they will find healing in the hope of improved standards of living that they help bring about.


The Living Water staff also led sanitation and hygiene promotional activities. The participants benefited from the interactive
approach to the topics and the visual aids used in the lessons. They learned about how they can make improvements in their personal hygiene.  The participants learned how correct handwashing is the best way to safeguard themselves against germ spread and disease transmission.

In a more prescriptive lesson, the staff explained how to remedy the vicious cycle of dehydration and diarrhea by administering a solution of safe water, salt, and sugar. However, the participants learned that they should see a reduced need for this oral rehydration solution as they begin to drink plenty of safe water. The staff also taught the community members how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Living Water staff distributed hygiene kits with materials to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Living Water also gathered with The Free Apostolic Church of Cosmapa for an evangelism session. There were 105 residents
present at the event where they worshiped along with Living Water staff. The church leaders presented a sermon. The Living Waters staff also led the community members in a well dedication ceremony and distributed 30 Bibles for the community members to keep as gifts. They sang worship songs and prayed that their safe water well would continue to nourish the


Thank you for your generous gift, Ingomar Living Waters. The compassion you showed this community testified of God’s love for the residents. Jesus said in Matthew 10:42 (NIV), “… If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

Because you selflessly gave the gift of safe water, the Cosmapa community experiences hope and healing. They know now that water access will not harm them and that they can dedicate more hours of the day to pursuits that benefit their development. By giving the gift of safe water, you have given the gift of time, restored vitality, and hope for the future.

Thank you for giving water, for life, in Jesus’ name!

The water situation was not very good. I had an open well at my home, and this water had worms in it. Sometimes bees also got under the cover of the well and made a hive. There are also trees nearby that make the water taste bitter. Other times ,when the well dried up, my family would go to the river to bathe and get water to drink. I suffered a lot from parasites and vomiting. When Hurricane Mitch hit, the river was high. My husband and I went to fetch water to give to our children. The horse spooked and we fell into the river and were dragged. People who saw it happen helped us, but we almost died that day. Now [that the well project is done] we consume safe water, and we aspire to improve our system to include pipes in the future.

Martha Nubio Rivera Espinoza, 59-year-old housewife

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!