Kihaimi-majero, Uganda



people impacted

dollars funded

funded May 20, 2021

Currently, the source of water is a series of ponds located in bushy areas. People have contracted several diseases, with typhoid fever being the main one. The closest water source is 3 km (2mi) away. The village consists of about 180 households and 1500 people. There have also been increased incidences of domestic violence.

COMPLETED August 7, 2021

The well project in Kihaimi-majero has been successfully completed! 

The need for clean water was a critical situation in the impoverished village of Kihaimi-majero, Uganda. In the past year, there were several deaths due to drinking contaminated water. And there was also concern for peace in the community due to bickering at the water sources, fighting as to who would get water first, especially at times of rationing when water is more scarce.

Now, thanks to WORLD CHANGERS who made this project possible, the people are enjoying clean water! 

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!