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funded may 20, 2021

Namingalala Village, located in Chikolongo, Balaka District, Malawi is a very poor rural village where the people work as farmers. The villagers are Lomwe, Ngoni, & Yao tribal people (the Yao are Muslim). Our ministry partners have worked in this village for 8 years, and there are approximately 650 Christians. Lack of clean water is an urgent problem. There is no well in the village. The main water source is a hand dug open well. It’s approximately 12 feet deep, but they will dig deeper. The people carry water 4-5 km to their home. The well does not provide water year-round; when the well dries up they go farther for water. The water is polluted and people suffer from water-related diseases such as cholera, diahhrea and various stomach issues. They sometimes suffer death related to drinking the water, but they do not know what is in the water that causes the death necessarily, due to the lack of access to medical care for proper diagnosis. Providing a deep well would truly change their lives. They are in great need of a deep water well.

Providing a well will meet a very urgent need for clean water. They will have clean water to drink, something they have never had before. Water for cooking, bathing, and other house hold uses. Water for their livestock and growing gardens around their homes. They will save money for medicine and their health will improve greatly. The project will bring total change to the area because people will have water close to their homes and will not have to go 4-5 km to reach dirty water that makes the sick.


Mpango Village, Malawi
Chikolongo, Balaka District
Population: 890

This well project originally began at Namingalala Village, Malawi. Unfortunately, the drillers had problems. After working to correct the problems and re-drilling they were still unsuccessful to find sufficient, clean water for the village. To ensure a successfully drilled well, it was decided to drill in another village in need of clean water located 18 km from the original site. 

The new village is Mpango Village, Malawi. It is situated near Ulongwe Trading Center.  The well is drilled and complete! The people are so excited, now enjoying clean water and amazed, rejoicing how they now have clean water in their own village!

Our ministry partner has been working here sharing the gospel since 2014 and have a well-established ministry here. Our ministry partner, Gibson, writes, “We have seen many believers from the village and they also share the word of God to others. With this new well, it is my hope that many will come to know Christ because giving a well in the village is a sign of love to the community around the well.”

Previously, some of the people of Mpango would walk 3-4 km to the next village for water where there is a drilled well. While other people did not go that distance for water …it is too far for them and they collected water from a polluted river source and hand dug wells. No matter where they got their water, the people (mostly ladies) spent long hours getting one bucket of water for their family to drink or for household use. People suffered from stomach illness and diarrhea.

Now they have clean water for the entire village in close proximity to everyone. The well is such a blessing! They have clean water to drink, water for all household uses and for their animals.  They are now able to plant gardens around their homes. The health of the people will greatly improve. And, we hope that the church will grow by this example of love in action.

 Thank you!

We are very thankful for this gift. We had a huge problem for water. We were fetching water from the river. We were sick often with diarrhea. Now, we are so thankful. Please continue to help people. Thank you so much!

Dines Galu

We have been in dire need of water. Now, with this water we can do so many things in our house. We are so happy. Thank you!

Nicholas Kutsamba

We are thankful because of this water. We ask God to bless you. We have joy now and have started to plant vegetables because of the water. Thank you so much!

Mapemphero William

This project was made possible by a  WORLD CHANGER!