Napeicheke village, south sudan



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funded may 20, 2021

Napeicheke Village is a rural village in South Sudan. It is found in Kapoeta North county, Eastern Equatoria state. It is about 25 km from Kapoeta town where our ministry partner lives. Our ministry partners have worked in this village for six years, They use a model of ‘disciple-multiplication movement, teaching disciples to be disciples who make disciples, and so on. And the church has flourished here, there are more than 500 active believers here. But they have no clean water in their village, no well. Lack of water is a major problem for the people so they suffer greatly. The main water source is a river bed that dries up as dry season goes on, then they dig down deeper to find water. The river is 1 km from the village. Typhoid and diarrhea are common. In the past they have had deadly cholera outbreaks. Medicines to treat these diseases are expensive for the people. Many girls do not go to school, they have got to fetch water multiple times each day besides other work they must do. It is dangerous gathering the water – the deeper they dig, the large open water hole. They have to climb down then get back out with the dirty water they are going to drink and cook with.

The need is so great! This project will provide clean, pure drinking water and as a result reduce water-borne disease which has caused such sickness and loss of life in the past. Their lives will be changed immediately. It will also improve their economy because they will not spend much on medication and lost time being sick. The enormous amount of time spent to fetch water will be reduced, making much more time for women to take care of their families and complete household tasks such as bathing and cooking. Girls will be able to go to school. They will be able to water their animals. The impact of growing more gardens is not yet determined. The potential to help advance the kingdom further among the people is great.

update june 18, 2021

Napeicheke Village, South Sudan well is successfully drilled! ​ They are continuing to work to complete it. There was delay to get to the job as there was some heavy rain and the ‘road’ was impassable for heavy vehicles for several days. Thankfully, they dried-up!

Completed August 10, 2021

The well project in Napeicheke Village has been successfully completed. The well is handed over to the people and they are enjoying clean water. John, our ministry partner was called away to obtain medicine in Kenya (hospitals in South Sudan are poorly supplied with medicine). 

Thank you so much, WORLD CHANGER, who brought clean water to Napeicheke Village in South Sudan!

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!