chakda village, india



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funded may 20, 2021

Chakda village is a rural located is on the border of Kaithal District in Haryana in North India and is about 50 km from the city. There is a brick factory next to their village so most of the men work in the brick factory, others work as laborers. The women mostly look after their families. Both Hindu and Muslim families heavily populate this village. There is little development in this village.

In Chakda village they have a well which was provided by a Hindu organization some years before. It’s not deep and located in a populated village where there is no sewage system. (Sewage systems are not typical in this entire region.) So, the water is completely polluted. It smells bad and has a bitter taste, skin disease and kidney problems were very common when using this water. The people do not take water from this well. They travel to the nearby village which is about 4 km away and collect water from there. Common water-related diseases in this village are cholera, Dengue fever, & skin diseases.

Our ministry partners have a growing village church. The minister’s family and the local believers are suffering along with the community. They urgently need clean water to drink. Besides water to drink and for all their household needs, they hope to also cultivate some vegetables and can look after some animals to help them survive. Providing a deep well in this village will be a huge blessing, it will be a great platform for them to share about the love of Jesus with the entire village as well with others in the nearby villages.

The photo shows the well that was provided by the Hindu organization some years before. It is 80 feet deep. (Our well will be much deeper, approximately 350-400 feet.)

This project was made possible through a WORLD CHANGER!