ranwar, india



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funded may 20, 2021

Ranwar village is located in Karnal District, in Haryana state, North India. It is a rural village where people work as laborers in the cultivation fields, some work as rag pickers. Very low income people live in this village, the people are very poor. They have a primary school, but the education is in very poor quality. They do not have basic facilities in this village (hospital, sewage). There is a defunct hand-pump well in the village, it’s been dry. There is no water for public use for the poor villagers. They travel 3-4km to the neighboring village and from their work places and carry water home from those places. Even the water from the nearby village is polluted. There is other option, they drink it and use it for all their household needs. The common water-related diseases are viral fever, cholera, & skin diseases.

Our ministry partners began ministry in this village in 2017 and now we have a village church with 35 active members. They face much persecution from this village as they preach about Jesus. The minister’s family and church is praying for a deep well as it is their most urgent need. They believe this bore well bring down the persecution and will give them a better opportunity to share the love of God with the villagers.

This project was made possible by a WORLD CHANGER!