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funded May 26, 2021

Ulumba Village, Kenya is in a very rural area, where subsistence farming is the main occupation.  In recent years there have been longer dry seasons, farms are affected, and sometimes when the rains comes it floods, making it impossible to farm. This trend has contributed to worsening poverty, hunger and hard times.

Several drilling attempts were made, but despite a promising initial hydrogeological survey, a drilled borehole in Ulumba Village did not produce sufficient water.  We agreed with our field partner, Heaven’s Family, to reallocate the funds to Kajawo Village and Machemba Village in Malawi.


Machemba Village, Malawi is one of two projects to replace the intended well at Ulumba, Kenya.  The other is Kajawo Village, Malawi.

Machemba Village, Malawi is a rural, impoverished village that suffers from having no clean water.  The village does not have a deep well – never have had one. There is a seasonal river which is their water source.  People walk varying distances (2-5 km) to reach the nearest water source.  Children fail to attend school because their parents send them daily, repeatedly, to fetch water. There are some families in this village who care for orphans, but instead of sending them to school they send them for water.

People here, especially children, suffer death due to water-related diseases from drinking contaminated water. It is reported that this year the Machemba community has lost 17 lives, and 211 have either been hospitalized or received medical treatment for waterborne illnesses.  Currently, 46 people are suffering with opening bowels, cholera and bilharzia.

Like many other communities, our ministry partners connected to this village through our GLGs and FGW projects. GLGs, God’s Love Groups, are effective discipleship groups and FGW, Farming God’s Way, is a no till farming method ministry to help to reduce poverty and provide food security to families. The discipleship groups grow the peoples faith. The lack of clean water in the villages where they are working is an urgent and serious issue. Providing a well in this village would be life-saving and life changing!


The well is complete at  Machemba Village, Malawi! The people are now enjoying clean water!

The people are rejoicing and celebrating the victory of the Lord in their community.  Now people have good access to the clean water. They are indeed so happy.  An amazing, life-changing and life-saving gift at Christmas time!

In the background is a Farming God’s Way demonstration garden. All the people who will come to the well to collect clean water can see the superior growth of crops using the FGW method. Besides learning a farming method so they are able to feed their families every participant becomes a part of a GLG, God’s Love Group discipleship group.

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