ulumba village, Kenya



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funded May 26, 2021

Ulumba Village, Kenya is in a very rural area, subsistence farming is the main occupation. In recent years there have been longer dry seasons, farms are affected, and sometimes when the rains comes it floods making it impossible to farm. This trend has contributed to worsening the poverty, hunger and hard times.

Our ministry partners have years of established ministry here. They have a vision to open a Christian school in the future, but water is the most urgent need.

The water situation is dire for the community. Residents fetch water from the primary schools which are at varying distances, in this particular target area (the village) residents have to walk for approximately 2 km to arrive at the well at the Ulumba Primary school, and they have to cross a highway to get there, too. Children and women are the most affected, as they have to go 3 times a day for water for their families. Girls may not even have time to go to school for this reason alone. Common waterborne illnesses and diseases suffered in this area are typhoid and cholera.

There is also a plan for a coming Christian high school & when the school begins to operate there will be water available.

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