Kimpese Village, DR COngo



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Funded May 20, 2021

The existing principal tank (taken from 2 angles) on metal support that needs renovation.

The 2nd existing tank located in the maternity ward needs to be renovated as well. 

This is a great opportunity to help a Christian hospital, Evangelical Medical Institute, in Kimpese, DR Congo, affecting thousands of lives in a year. This project is  through Heaven’s Family Leprosy Ministry. Kimpese hospital has a program for people with this disease, they also receive Christian ministry here. Kimpese Hospital is a long time trusted partner of the American Leprosy Mission, who HF works with in various countries including DR Congo. The hospital has strong links to local churches and they do receive help from other organizations to help cover operating and staffing expenses.

They are in serious need of access to sufficient clean water. The water project itself is not for a well, but for the need for above ground water storage because of the broken water system in the town it is located. The water supply is very unreliable and stops without any warning, it can last for hours to more than a day and then the hospital has no access to water. So, they must have a back-up system, but due to damage they are not able to use it currently. They do not have the funding to repair the tanks. The lack of water and disruption of water supply are frequently reported. Obviously, the lack of water results in poor health care for the patients and an unsafe work environment, too.

Besides renovation of the tanks, we’d also like to add 4 small tanks in certain critical wards of the hospital. This is a great project. 

This project was made possible through general donations by many