Kantege Village, Uganda



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Funded April 29, 2021

The current source of water for people of the village is a swamp. In this swamp, villagers wash cars, motorcycles, and even domestic animals. It is also common to see people bathing here while others are fetching water for domestic use. Because this water source is by the roadside, the risk of accidents is high. Further, stomach aches, dysentery, and typhoid occur frequently but are difficult to effectively treat since the nearest hospital is 15 kms away. Since the year began, the village has lost 3 children to a disease with symptoms believed to be those of typhoid fever.

COMPLETED August 5, 2021

The well at Kantege Village has been drilled.  Despite COVID issues, Herbert (leader of CEED in Uganda) had the drilling teams working again last week.  The well is complete.  The flow is good.   The well head is now in place.

People in Kantege are so grateful!  The daily trips to the swamp for water are no more.  You’ve truly changed thousands of lives in Kantege Village.  They will remember this every day they have clean water now.  Thank you!

This project was made possible through donations from WORLD CHANGERS!