Rajound Village, India



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April 29, 2021FUNDED Rajound village is a rural village in Haryana state in North India. Most of all the villagers are involved in cultivation and there is not much development in this village. For education & for hospital treatment they must to travel to far off villages or to the city. Most of the people in this village are illiterate. Many children in this village do not go to school as there is no school in this village. Our ministry partners have started a child development center here recently and are now educating the poor children. The people commonly suffer from cholera and viral fever. 

The village has a hand well but the water is bitter and polluted. So people do not drink this water anymore. Also, the water only lasts in the morning hours. They use it for washing and meeting other household needs, but for drinking  and cooking they go to the neighboring village which is 4 km away and collect water from there. It is very difficult for them carry water from this distance and women and children suffer mostly. 

It is their dream for clean water. There is an established village church besides the child development center they have begun. A deep well here in this village will help the church to impact the entire village with the gospel message. Moreover it will be a big relief for their water problem!

This project was made possible through general donations by many WORLD CHANGERS!