Kalimbuka, Malawi



people impacted

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funded April 29, 2021

The need for clean water is a critical situation in the impoverished village of Kalimbuka, Malawi. Our ministry partners emphatically speak of the urgent need for clean water as there have been several deaths due to drinking contaminated water. They use open water holes for drinking water and all their household needs. There is a small river which is very far, the families that go to the river spend 2 to 4 hours before they get back home. Many girls fail to go to school because they are spending their days fetching water. People share the water with grazing animals. This community has lost many lives due to water-related diseases such as cholera, opening of bowels and dysentery.

There is also concern for peace in the community. Reports indicate that the women fight and bicker at the water sources, fighting in order to get water during this time of dry season. They are tense because water is scarce – there is not enough to use at their homes, they ration for cooking and drinking.

Providing this community with clean water: our ministry partners are expecting that this community will be healed and transformed in several ways for God’s glory. FGW trainings (Heaven’s Family Farming God’s Way program – teaches effective farming practices so the people have enough to eat, even thru the dry ‘hunger season’. It also teaches discipleship and working together in accountability groups.). These programs will be also conducted near the borehole for the transformation of the community. Health will dramatically improve from what is was. Kids, including the girls, can go to school. Moms will be at peace and have water for all of their household needs. Time lost on sickness, and medical expense …money they don’t have will be saved. People will see that that they are not forgotten and will show the love of Jesus.

This project was made possible through general donations by many WORLD CHANGERS!