bongo village, south sudan



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funded April 29, 2021

Currently there is drought. Right now many families have had to leave their homes because the water is dried-up. For those who stay in the area, because it’s so dry now, they go 18 km daily to Nachodopelei to get water where there is a drilled well–that is, the women go, the women do it. They really suffer. The old people really suffer, too, because they can’t make any migration trips. When it rains they drink from ponds.

The people give sourghum to the chief who allows them to take water in that far away village. They get an early start, at 5am, to walk to queue up in the line and they wait until they get some water because many people come for the water.

Hygenic disease is common due to lack of enough water to keep clean. The drinking water causes much illness. Chronic thirst. These are Toposa people tribe. Mostly unreached, at best under reached.

The church is active and growing. Discipleship and sharing the gospel with others is a key training among this ministry. They go and establish home churches and they begin to multiply. The community at large is responding to the gospel. Still, they have many challenges of school and health facilities, but the major immediate need is water. Providing a deep well would be a testimony to show the love of Jesus and to show that the Lord has not forgotten them.

This project was made possible through general donations by many WORLD CHANGERS!