amalemba, kenya



people impacted

dollars funded

funded April 29, 2021

This project is located at the largest church in the area, and they are leaders within the community, offering discipleship trainings at a central location. The church is off the main road in the community. The church has a cistern that can be filled with water from a water delivery truck. It would cost $120USD to fill for three days if the church were to host a community event.

Currently, community members, especially women and children, as it is their cultural role, must go to a contaminated stream for their water needs.

Access to safe water within the community will lessen time and poverty for women and children. Recapturing time for education and family needs. The women and children carry heavy buckets of water on their heads causing physical issues with their necks and backs, even to the point of often deforming their necks as very young children start to collect water for the families. The pathway to the river is steep and unsafe and Women and children have injured themselves when collecting water.

The water source carries waterborne illness such as cholera and Typhoid. Historically, when access to safe water is brought into a community, we see a dramatic health changes in all ages. Clinics report a huge decrease in the number of diarrheal cases caused from waterborne illnesses found in contaminated water sources. The death rate of children under the age of 5 drops as well as they are the most vulnerable and die due to diarrhea turning into dehydration deaths.

Families have time to garden, farm and sell produce at the local market when not having to walk long distance to collect water for daily use.

Throughout this project, out staff provide spiritual discipleship through Bibles storying workshops, and pastoral training sessions. Community development takes place as well. During this time, we offer envisioning workshops to help the community see how they would look as a healthy community. What does that mean both physically and spiritually? How could they together achieve this goal through next step actions. All incorporated with biblical application.

This project was made possible through general donations by many WORLD CHANGERS!