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Funded March 1, 2021

Saboti, Kenya is a rural village in Kenya. We have been working with this ministry partner for several years in Kenya and besides outreach and discipleship programs, they do much outreach for the widows and sickly in the community. Also, they have been running a Christian school that has been very important to the community. There are 350 students at the school (from kindergarten to high school). Besides this there are approximately 830 people in the immediate area who would also benefit from a well. They are really struggling for water. Currently, they collect water by hand from this open well. It was dug by the people near a passing river, which originates from the town upstream. It carries the used water from Kitale (25 km away) and is contaminated and makes them sick. They draw the water by hand to supply water for the school and also for the local community.  There is a government tap which resembles a pipe that the water drops out of, and during dry season the water is not sufficient from the pipe. It’s 1 km from the school. There is no public well for the community. There is one private borehole at a private girls school, not open for public use. Our deep well would be made available to the entire community. Typhoid and cholera are common sicknesses. 

The ministry here is long established in this area and are dedicated to the betterment of the community through several areas of ministry to the people. Below, school kids are drawing water from the hand-dug, open well.

Update May 20, 2021

Saboti Village is successfully drilled! They will next begin work on the pump.

Some kids from the school who will benefit from the well.


The well project at the Christian school in Saboti Village, Kenya is complete! For such a long time they had been praying for a solution to their problem of lack of clean water. Now, they no longer have to use contaminated water. The children and community will be healthier and can focus more on their schooling versus fetching unclean water. 

Our ministry partner says, “It was my prayer and dream to provide good water for the community, after many years of waiting upon His timing, He has done it. On behalf of the community we appreciate you so much.”

Thank you so much for this amazing gift of clean water! May the Lord be glorified!

Kids from the school, lined up for water

This project was made possible through the generous donation of a WORLD CHANGER!