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Thanks to all those who joined the Thursday, January 14, 2021 edition of Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Business As Usual webcast and raised the crazy idea of funding your own well with Ingomar Living Waters.  This is your well!

NOTE: While I mentioned on the webcast that some of our partners can do a well for as little as $1,500, the actual cost to drill this particular well will be $1,700.  Thanks to the generosity of folks on the webcast, this well is now fully funded and then some!

And this is NOT your only well… A second well was also funded by a generous person on the PTC webcast, with help from family members who also pitched in.  So that’s two wells funded by your collective generosity!

In addition, to date you contributed excess funds of $695 collected above and beyond the $1,700 needed for the Paju Khurd project. I’ll hold those funds in reserve until they either grow to complete a third $1,700 project in India.  Else we’ll apply the monies to round out another project in need of funding.

Thank you so much for your generosity!  Two projects are already underway that will provide clean water to 3,900 people. And a third or at least a partial additional project will be funded out of your generosity. Thank you!

-Andy Fraley

Paju Khurd Village is in the Jind District of Haryana State in north India. It is an impoverished, rural village. The people mostly work as farmers working in the fields for very low income. There is little development in this village. It’s about 56 miles away from the main city in the region.

There is no well here. And most of the people in the village are poor and cannot afford to buy clean water from tanker trucks that drive water in from other areas. So they often make due with surface water and live (and sometimes die) with cholera and certain skin diseases caused by drinking unclean water. Sometimes a few families will pool together some money to buy water from a tanker and keep water in small tanks in their houses. But that is only a temporary solution that helps them to survive for 3-4 days, because most cannot afford to buy tanker truck water all the time.

There’s a nearby village a couple miles away that sometimes has cheaper cleaner water available. But it’s not reliable and takes a huge time cost and the burden of hauling water is borne by women and children. There are some privately-owned wells in the surrounding area, but they are used exclusively by the landowners who are Hindu high caste. They never allow non-Hindu or lower caste people to enter their premises or access their wells.

While the project at Paju Khurd Village is funded and underway, if you’d like to contribute towards completing a third $1,700 water project, click the button at bottom (and specify “PTC” project at the appropropriate point). Thanks!

Note that Ingomar Living Waters is a mission of Ingomar Church and is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Your contribution may be tax-deductible depending on your tax situation…consult with your tax accountant or financial advisor.  When you click the button below, you will be redirected to Ingomar Church’s payment collection system.

Please help provide clean water to those in need!