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funded January 26, 2021  (Nakwapur, South sudan)

This project was funded by the generosity of a WORLD CHANGER who felt compelled to step up and provide complete funding for this critical project. Thank you such for helping to provide clean water to the people of Nakwapur, South Sudan! Nakwapur is located in Eastern Equatoria state of South Sudan, Kapoeta East county, Katodori Payam. It is remote. For years vehicles could not reach the location, but the community started clearing a road that is now allowing access in and out. Currently, they drink from a pond which will go dry in about a month (around the end of each year).

The pond is about a mile from the village. The closest borehole is 2.3 miles away. The pond will be dry soon. It’s very dirty. It is shared by animals and polluted by animal excrement. It’s very hard to get your mind around how difficult and time consuming it is for the people to collect water. To try and help prevent contamination from animal excrement as much as possible, they scoop filtered water from shallow ditches in the sand around the pond (see pictures and videos above and below), which is very time-consuming. And finding water for livestock is a struggle too, as the water dries up seasonally.

The people are very open to the Gospel here. More than fifty have given their lives to Jesus here and have been baptized and 10 local leaders have been trained here. Health issues are many. Sickness and death are common issues; typhoid, cholera, dehydration, malaria, diarrhea. A gift of a deep well would transform their lives! They desperately need clean water!

Update May 19, 2021

new drilling location found (Nakware, south sudan)

In February, they spent 4 days drilling in Nakwapur, but insufficient water was the result of drilling at 2 chosen sites to provide year-round water supply to the community. While this was happening John’s wife’s mother passed away unexpectedly (John is our ministry partner) and arranging for drilling in a second location was post-poned. The village of Nakware was chosen and drilling was to commence on Feb 28, but it was delayed. (John was still with his family due to the death.) In March, the drilling team had traveled then when back, a delay to replenish materials in April. Now in May, they will drill.

Nakware is a group of villages, with a population of 1500 people in desperate need of clean water. There is little development, no electricity, no plumbing, people live in huts on stilts. It is located to the west of Kapoeta town. The nearest well is 2 km away at the Lomilmil primary school, but those who go to get their water from the school can only get there when the seasonal river, the Katiko River, dries up. The river is too much of a challenge when the rains come. The flow path cuts off Nakware villages. They drink the river water when it’s flowing. During dry season most of the people use the water they find from nearby hand dug wells. The process is laborious and families think it is safer to collect water closer than going the distance to the school well. They try to use the hand-dug water holes vs the open ponds as the river dries because it’s better than drinking from the open ponds,

Diarrhea is common because during the times of year the river flows, they only use the river water which is  seasonal. Skin, eye infection is also common because water used to wash faces is not clean. Eight people died when there was cholera outbreak.

Providing clean water will be an amazing blessing for them and change their lives for better health and life. Clean water will be available year-round. The children (mostly the girls, boys too) will no longer have to spend much time of the day laboriously fetching water. They can go to school regularly. The people will see the love of Jesus through this practical gift of clean water and open the door wider for the gospel.


The well at Nakware Village, South Sudan is successfully drilled!

They had to make 2 attempts to get to the village to drill.  The first way to enter was not passable due to the seasonal river bed that had to be crossed.  I think it may be something like walking in wet sand and the heavy trucks couldn’t pass.  A new route was cleared to reach Nakware to drill!  Hard work, but so worth it. Everyone is so thankful for the provision of clean water!

The water is so heavy, but they are so excited about it. Girls are the ones who often have to go the far distances for water.

The well project in Nakware Village has been successfully completed and the well handed over to the people! Now, the people are enjoying clean water! They will now have clean water year round! The children excitedly say, “Thank you!!”  May the Lord be glorified!

This project was made possible through generosity of a single WORLD CHANGER!