Subuku, Kenya



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January 26, 2021FUNDED At Christmas time 2020, we told the congregation of Ingomar Church about the Subuku Village in Kenya and their urgent need for clean water. The only water source for this village is a contaminated, rain-fed pond, that is miles away. Our trusted partner in Kenya spoke with a village leader, she said, “Listening to Joshua talk brought tears to my eyes. People especially children & elderly are frequently sick and some die because of lack of clean water. Yes this community would really see big impact changes in their everyday life with access to clean water.”

Ingomar Church you have provided this impact, you have given this village the gift of clean water. Your generous donations at the Christmas services have FULLY funded a well to be placed in the Subuku village. You are an answer to their prayers. This village is a community of believers in Christ. They know that life is better with Jesus at the center. Now they will soon have access to clean water, this will save lives.

Thank you so much for your generosity!  Stay tuned as we provide more info as the project gets underway and is eventually completed.

This project was made possible through generosity of the Ingomar Church congregation!